Good Morning! Waiting for the announcement :)


Good Morning dear readers!

I am almost ready for the announcement day! Woke up here in the middle of the Dolomites and it’s raining (and snowing on the top of the mountains!). Like you I am also excited to see thew new products. I am seriously considering to buy the NEX-C3 so let’s see when that camera will be available.

If you find some last minute leak or press release or reviews and image samples would be nice if you could help me by sending the right links. I will sum them up in one post so that readers can easily find all the info they need.

And now the big question for me is, will I have time for a Cappuccino yet? Will I miss the announcement if I go away 30 minutes to the bar close to my house? Hmmm, I will go, can’t afford to skip my breakfast! :)


(SR5) More cameraporn: Full size pictures of the pink NEX-C3. Is the 30mm lens too big?


Here is the new PINK Nex-C3 with three different lenses. Click on picture to enlarge the image. I am a bit worried the 30mm macro might be too big and too slow (f/3.5) to sell well. It has the same size of the [shoplink 7168]Sony 30mm f/2.8 DT macro[/shoplink] which is faster and made for DSLR cameras. Wasn’t one of the advantages of mirrorless lenses that they can be more compact compared to DSLR lenses?

I searched on eBay to find some examples of compact macro lenses. Found one that is veeery small! The [shoplink 7169 ebay]Zeiss S-Planar 60/4 Macro (Click here to see it on ebay)[/shoplink]. That is a macro lens I would love to see from Sony (or Zeiss)! Or look at the awesome [shoplink 7170 ebay]Pentax DA 35mm f/2.8 (Click here to see it on ebay)[/shoplink].

Let’s assume the image quality of the new macro lens for NEX is very high (price is 349 Dollars/Euro). Here is the question for you:

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Reminder: Sony announcement tomorrow (June 8th) between 7-10am London time!
And here are the direct search links to the Sony 30mm f/2.8 DT macro: [shopcountry 7168].


(SR5) A Nex-C3 with lens size comparison (Announcement tomorrow!)


The A35, the NEX-C3 and the 30mm macro will be announced tomorrow -> YES I am sure that time ;)
The image on top shows the NEC-C3 with the new macro lens. As you see the 30mm macro is as big as the current 18-55mm lens.
I will stay up the whole night to see if there are some last minute news and rumors. I hope that also new NEX firmware will be announced tomorrow! At what time should we expect the announcement? I think sometime between 7 and 10 am London time. So stay tuned!

Those are the most important NEX-C3 specs:
16, 2 Megapixel,
ISO100 – 12800
5.5 fps
video: 1280X720 (29.97fps/Progressive, Std/Fine appx 9/6Mbps)
3 inch 921.6K LCD
Scene selection: Portrait, Landscape, Macro,Sports Action, Sunset, Night Portrait, Night View, Hand-held Twilight
The body weights 225g.


Sony TidBits!


NEX-FS100 First Official Unboxing. Direct links for preorders check at [shopcountry 6170].

Tempus NEX Sony NEX Intervalometer Remote (SonyAlphaNex).

Sony presented two new CCD for compact cameras. A 16mp 1/2.3″ CCD and a 10mp 1/2.93″ CCD (Photographyblog).

Short Sony CLM-V55 LCD Screen review (Photocomment). Direct search links at [shopcountry 7157].

Sony HVL-F43AM test (Lowyat). Direct search links at [shopcountry 5995].

Sony 35mm f/1.8 lens tested at lenstip. Direct search links at [shopcountry 6422].

Which digital camera functions best on a microscope? ( and…Sony NEX-5 and Sony NEX-3 in microscopy (again Lmscope).

New pop-up LCD protection (

Alpha-numérique vous invite au Salon de la Photo 2011

A new layout for our friends website


(SR4) A55 successor coming with the A77?


I was really surprised when one of my sources told me that Sony would announce a second SLT camera along the A77. We are not talking about the A35 which will be announced on Wednesday, we are talking about an unexpected new model that will be the official successor of the [shoplink 3617]A55[/shoplink]!!! I have been told the A35 will fix some of the first generation SLT technology issues and maybe that’s why Sony is going to replace the A55 too. I don’t know the name of the camera (A57???) but I have bene told that it looks almost exactly like the A77 (They are like brother and sisther). The main difference between the two cameras is the sensor. I hope to get some specs as soon as possible! Both cameras will be announced in July (let’s hope it is the 7th of July!).

Sony A55 product pages at [shopcountry 3617]


Sony is already accepting 30mm macro preorders in France!


The 30mm macro f/3.5 will be announced on Wednesday but it seems that Sony France didn’t wait for the presentation and is already accepting preorders on the lens! Check here: French Sony is a bit in hurry lol? This is the fourth lens ever made for the NEX system. I expect the next lenses to be announced in July (one of them should be the 24mm f/1.7 and maybe the 55-200mm zoom).

UPDATE (Wyldrage translated the french text…Thanks!). Those are the specs:

– Macro lens for large detailed photos of small subjects.
– Compact and light macro lens offering a superb image quality.
– Ideal for large photos of flowers, insects or any other small-size subjects and for a non-macro daily usage.
– 1:1 magnification ratio for large photos in full screen, with small subjects photographed in their real size by the camera’s sensor.
– Minimal distance of just 2.4cm between the front of the lens and the subject, and minimal focusing distance of 9.5cm [AF?] – Quality lens optics with aspherical and glass ED elements for an exceptional sharpness and clarity with all apertures and focus points.
– Linear focusing system for a fluid, silent and fast focus while recording HD videos.
– The internal focusing mecanism maintains a constant distance between the front of the lens and the subject.
-Compact and elegant design with a refined metal finish to integrate with the camera’s body.
– Includes lens hood (allows fixing optional filters).


Noktor 50mm f/0.95 for NEX will cost $1.000


Noktor annouced via Twitter (Click here) that the 50mm f/0.95 for NEX will cost $1.000. The lens will have the same optical design as the current Micro Four Thirds version. Only the look will be different. They are accepting preorders on their website: This is the fastest E-mount lens currently available. If you need a fast lens like that your other alternatives are the [shoplink 7140 ebay]Canon 50mm f/0.95 (Click here to see it on eBay)[/shoplink] and [shoplink 7142 ebay]Leica 50mm f/0.95 (Click here to see ebay auctions)[/shoplink]. They deliver a better image quality but 1) you need an adapter 2) They are very expensive!

The lens is made by the Hong Kong company SLRmagic which already sells the [shoplink 7109 ebay]35mm f/1.7 for NEX on eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].