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Sony A7III reviews and hands-on by Northrup, Ken Rockwell, Patrick Murphy-Racey, Jared Polin


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Every day we get plenty of new A7III tests. Here is the next roundup:

Ken Rockwell writes:

Sony has been the world’s top maker of image sensors for many, many decades — long before digital cameras. The A7 III is so good and so inexpensive I’m starting to wonder if they’re just trying to do anything to get us to buy their full-frame sensors, exactly as Kodak used to sell their cameras below cost just to get us to buy more film!

Anthony Thurston writes:

So take it from this Fujifilm shooter; the A7 III is legit and offers some of the best performance per dollar on the market right now. If full frame is what you are after and you are on a budget, the the Sony A7 III should be at the top of your list for consideration – no doubt. 

Patrick Murphy-Racey writes:

If Sony had picked the price of $2498 for the A7III, it would have still been a good deal, and would have been $700 less than the A7RIII.  But at under $2,000, it’s so obvious to me they are just messing with the marketplace.  They are doing it because they can, and they have earned the right to not just disrupt, but aggressively begin to change the very landscape in which they have chosen to compete.

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