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(Sony A7sIII, Sony A9, RX) What we know and what we don’t know…


On April 20 (London) or April 23 (Las Vegas) or in June Sony could announce a new High End FF E-mount camera and a new RX camera. Here is the little we know and the lot we don’t know so far:

What we know for sure so far:

  1. Sony has a press conference on April 20 in London and April 23 at around 2pm Las Vegas time. There is also one more announcement in June.
  2. Sony registered two new cameras in Asia. Usually we have to wait a couple of months after registration before those get announced.

What we can hope to get on these next three Sony press events:

  1. New Sony camcorders (NAB)
  2. Maybe a new Sony High Speed E-mount camera (A7sIII?, A9?). If not on April 20-23 that camera might be announced in May/June.
  3. Maybe a new RX camera (but that is more likely to be announced some time after the NAB show in May/June).
  4. Maybe the new 16-35mm f/2.8 GM and 100-400mm FE G lens

A source who claims to have seen the new A7/A9 camera told me this:

  1. Sony says this is the camera they made for PRO photographers
  2. The camera he saw pretty much looked like the current A7 series
  3. It’s fast and has a low resolution sensor

So to sum up the possible new Sony High End E-mount camera specs:

  1. Sony will announce a new High End E-mount camera (sometimes between that now and June)
  2. It has a low resolution sensor (could be around 20MP but it’s unconfirmed yet)
  3. It has the fastest autofocus system of all Sony E-mount cameras yet
  4. It records at around 20fps
  5. Records 4K (probably at 60fps)
  6. It’s a tiny bit larger than the A7 series but pretty much keeps the same size. It has not an integrated battery grip like the Canon 1D series
  7. Dual SD card support
  8. unlimited RAW recording (if supported by the right cards)
  9. It uses the new A6500 menu system
  10. Touchscreen
  11. It has a joystick on the back
  12. Bit longer battery life and small ergonomic improvements on the body
  13. Name is unknown yet but it might be a Sony A7sIII (but really, I have no confirmation on that yet)
  14. Price is high (probably between $4,000 and $5,000) and current A7 cameras will not be replaced that model (they will keep selling at the current pice tag)

Very wild rumors:

  1. There has been speculation and wild rumors that there might be two new FF E-mount cameras the coming months: A9 and A7sIII.

Looking further:
This High End camera will be available with high-resolution sensor (and lower speed) sometimes later (probably on market by early 2018).

As you see there is little we know so far. I hope this week Sony will not disappoint us and announce something E-mount and/or RX related. If not than we will have to wait two more months :(

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