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Sony AI tracking for a6400 and a9 Firmware Update Demonstration And Guide by Gary Fong


Gary Fong writes:

At 2/100 sec evaluation speed for Continuous Autofocus, the Sony a6400 has the fastest responding autofocus currently on the market. It shoots ten frames per second, with the new AI Tracking. However, getting to the tracking is quite an ordeal, which I will explain here. First if looks for the eye-ball, then the face, then the object or person. And coming soon – ANIMAL EYE-AF. The a6400, at under $900 is an amazing deal. To really learn how to use it, SUBSCRIBE to get the first announcement on our a6400 premium, “unleash the power of your Sony a-6400” coming soon. Also, tired of the searching through the menu bars trying to find that function? Our mobile, “Feature Finder” app will soon be available for the a6400 so you can find your menu item quickly in a sea of over 200 commands.

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