Sony confirms their full SLT (not DSLR?) commitment (+ Canon big release)


Sony A900 successor rendering made by tecnofotografia. But unlike you see on this picture the successor will be SLT and not a DSLR camera.

Whatdigitalcamera (Click here) questioned if Sony is still committed to the DSLR technology: “With all of the major releases throughout 2011 being of the translucent mirror (SLT) variety, could this spell the end of Sony DSLRs as we know them?

Sony contacted Whatdigitalcamera and said that “we are absolutely committed to the DSLR / SLT market.” The first thing to notice is that Sony mixed the DSLR/SLT terms. Sony didn’t just say “We are commited to the DSLR market“. Sounds like their intention is to sell the idea that SLT and DSLR are the same thing. And the other statement that follows confirms that: “Through our SLT cameras we believe we can deliver new benefits such as fastframe rate with continuous AF in both stills and videos. The a77 is proof of how serious we are about this market and the number of awards, including the What Digital Camera Gold award and the prestigious Amateur Photographer Reader Product of the Year show that this is model is rated very highly.  Stock is now available and we are excited to find out what people think when theybuy, own and use this product.”

Why talk about the A77 when Whatdigitalcamera was only talking about the discontinued DSLR line? Truth is that all DSLR are officially not listed on Sony’s websites:
Sony A900 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay.
Sony A850 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay.
Sony A580 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay.

I still hope I misunderstood the Sony statement and that there we be really new DSLR cameras (with optical viewfinder!). But according to our sources there is no new DSLR coming this year :(

Meanwhile the real big news of the this time is the Canon 5markIII which is coming out tonight. Image leaks and specs are already out and have been posted by our new partner “Frank” at CanonWatch (Click here).


Via Noisycamera

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