Sony Imaging PRO Support program now running in USA and Europe.


The welcome kit image by MTRezNIN on SonyAlphaForum.

Sony US officially started the Sony PRO support program and everyone who applied got their Sony welcome kit (Application here: This is the email sent by Sony:

* Only applies to REGISTERED SONY Products
Your Sony Imaging PRO Support program gives you access to the following benefits*:
Expert Support
· U.S. dedicated phone and email support
· 3 Days repair turnaround time
· Repair loaners
· Pre-purchase evaluation loaners
Equipment Maintenance
· 3 free cleanings and maintenance
· Pre-paid in-bound and return shipping
· 20% discount on out-of-warranty repairs

* Subject to the program terms and conditions at, which may be updated from time to time.

The Sony PRO program is now also available in Europe (Click here).