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Sony looks to edge Nikon (at least in Korea)


Koreatimes writes that :”Sony is confident that the latest additions to its Alpha series of translucent mirror cameras will prove to be among the first of many intriguing products that could eventually shake the (Canon/Nikon) hierarchy.

They interviewd Mr.Kimihiro Itoki, who heads Sony’s Korean business. He said that “Sony looks to edge Nikon for second-place in the interchangeable lens cameras market here, including both the DSLR and the new breed of high-quality shooters, by the end of next year, to gain on Canon. The latest Alpha models will help us claim and solidify the second-position in Korea’s interchangeable lens digital cameras market and narrow the gap with Canon.’’

Sony had about 20 percent of the Korean market in interchangeable lens cameras at the end of the third-quarter, due to the popularity of its Alpha Nex mirrorless models. Sony has established leadership in the emerging market for mirrorless cameras here with an estimated market share of 40 percent due to the popularity of the Alpha NEX. The goal is to achieve a 50 percent share, Itoki said.

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