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Sony NEX-5n beats the Nikon D7000! (preorders at Amazon UK and DE).


Sony NEX-5N Low Light ISO Test and Touch Screen Functionality

Now, is it possible that the $600 Sony NEX-5n image quality is much better (I repeat “much”) than the $1100 Nikon D7000? If you look at Dpreview forum (Click here) the answer is yes. Damn does the Sony ENX-5n look good! And look at that Panasonic G3 vs Sony NEX-5N vs Olympus E-P3 comparison at pcpop (Click here). Easy to guess who is the winner!

Just a personal note. I am sooo tempted to buy the NEX-5n instead of the NEX-7 that I almost going crazy :) As I live in Europe I looked where to preorder the camera and I found two options:
Body only at Amazon DE (Click here).
with 18-55mm lens at Amazon DE (Click here) and Amazon UK (Click here).
double lens kit at Amazon DE (Click here) and Amazon UK (Click here).

I will probably go for the body only camera and use my [shoplink 8725 ebay]Nokton 35mm f/1.4 (See that lens on eBay)[/shoplink]. I need small and fast pancakes and that is probably the best lens I can use on the NEX-5n. Will write a review about that combination if I will find the courage to click on that damn “preorder” button! :)

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