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The NEX-5n is a Monster of a camera! (First review by Steve Huff)


Today we have many Sony NEX-5n news! Stev Huff (Click here) just posted the first full Sony NEX-5n review. And he says the NEX-5n is a monster and: “The bottom line is that Sony improved the 5 series and the 5n is an easy recommend as well as the best bang for the buck in the NEX line. At $699 with lens, I have to ask myself…For the money does it get any better than this? The answer to that is NO!
Steve posted many image samples and comparisons with other mirrorless cameras (including the ultaexpensive Leica M9p).

All (p)reviews and image samples I saw around the web do confirm that this is a wonderful camera. Now let’s hope Sony will do it right and make some nice NEX pancakes and other high grade lenses like the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 (Click here to preorder).

You can get the NEX-5n at:
Amazon (in Stock!), Sonystore US (in Stock!), Sonystore Canada (in Stock!), Digitalrev (in Stock), [shoplink 8452 ebay]eBay (in Stock!)[/shoplink], Amazon DE (preorder) and Amazon UK (preorder),

More NEX-5n reviews:
First user review at Amazon US (Click here). (google translated).

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