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Sony NEX-5n news and reviews roundup (Overheating issues?)


Will Vazquez tested the [shoplink 8452]NEX-5n[/shoplink] video quality (see video on top) and discovered that: “after about 10 minutes of recording, the camera said it was overheating and turned itself off. I turned it back on after a few seconds and it seemed fine. It wasn’t that hot, a typical 85 degree (Fahrenheit) night in the Summer. Maybe it was the humidity.

StevHuff (Click here) made a “Crazy Comparison” between the new Sony NEX-5n and the epxensive Leica M9 Image Quality: “So, can the 5n be called the poor mans Leica M9? In my opinion NO, because it is a totally different kind of camera. The M9 is a rangefinder and you shoot with it in a totally different style. So the NEX-5n will never give you the RF experience. The NEX-7 will bring y ou a step closer with a slightly larger body, more dials for manual controls, built in EVF, etc and in fact, The NEX-7 will be a game changer, mark my words!

Here are more short NEX-5n news:
Image samples of the NEX-5n with Zeiss and Leica lenses on Flickr.
Japanese manufacturer acquapazza wil release an underwater housing for the 5n in november 2011. See
Our japanese readers can read and see a NEX-5n versus NEX-5 comparison at
Another 5n user report at Dpreview forum.

P.S.: Tomorrow I will receive my new NEX-5n. Uhhh, my heart is beating…you hear it? :)

Today the NEX-5n is back in Stock at Amazon US (Click here) and for the first time at BHphoto (Click here). And below you can find all the NEX preorder links:
NEX-7: [shopcountry 8454] NEX-5n: [shopcountry 8452] Zeiss 24mm f/1.8: [shopcountry 8450] 50mm f/1.8: [shopcountry 8448] 55-210mm: [shopcountry 8444]


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