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Sony says they will update many A-mount lenses. And they know internal 4K recording is highly requested.


The Japanese site Mapcamera interviewed Sony. The interview is in Japanese but our SAR readers Kuonji and Chaika translated some of the key info for us (Thanks!):

1) Currently, Sony has no plan to implement 4K internal recording on the A7s. However they recognize there is a huge request to get this feature in future cameras.
2) Sony is planning for making a new mark II A-mount lenses to replace old popular lenses i.e. 70-300, 24-70, 16-35. More to come in the future
3) Sony is still quite young in terms of mirrorless market, they think of themselves as a challenger, but because they are a challenger, they believe they can do a lot of innovative stuff.

Sony also said they cannot share any details about when the new FE lenses will be released.

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