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Sony says current FE lenses can resolve future 50 Megapixel resolution sensors!


Makoto Kanai from the Sony Lens design department explains the advantages of Sony E-mount (Image by DSLRmagazine).

The Spanish site DSLRmagazine interviewed Akihiro Egawa and Makoto Kanai from Sony. And here are some of the key info:

1) Asked why the new FE lenses are so big the answer was that if you want goo optical quality you cannot reduce the size of the lenses.
2) The interviewer asked if the short flange distance and the limited E-mount diameter is a major limitation for Sony lens designers. The answer was no, for small focal distance lenses this kind of design helps us. The opposite occurs with the classic DSLR mounts. But there is a “But”: Sony said E-mount is maybe challenge when it comes to design longer focal lenses.
3) We only plan to get rid of Anti Aliasing filter on High Resolution Cameras. This because Moirèe tends to become less an issue when the spatial resolution is high.
4) When asked if the current FE lenses can resolve future 50+ Megapixel FF sensor the answer was yes!

Obvisouly…when asked…Sony did not share any information about the new FE lens release or any future possible new FE camera.

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