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Sony teaser for the July 17 announcement shows big “explosion”. And source says specs are “crazy”!


This is what I got the last few hours from reliable sources:

Rumor One:

I just received an image of the Sony teaser for the July 17 announcement shows big “explosion”. The source asked me NOT to publish it so I cannot show it to you. But all I can say is that it shows a big “Explosion” on top.

They are clearly hinting something major is coming. The source that received this said there will be “multiple” camera announcements.

Rumor Two:

A guy in China who got RX0MII and FE35F1.8 before the announcement just tweeted that “the Sony camera spec is crazy”. He won’t spill out any information but  now it’s pretty sure it is some high-end stuff.

Rumor recap:

FACT: Sony has registered four new cameras. All of them will be announced within the July 17 and September timeframe
99% reliable rumor: Sony has a big announcement day on July 17
80% reliable rumor: Sony will announce a new RX camera
60%reliable rumor: Sony will announce a new A6500 successor with FZ100 battery, slightly larger body,  similarA6500 appearance, 4k60p.
60% reliable rumor: New APS-C lenses to be announced along the A6500 successor
50% reliable rumor: There might be another High End camera
50% reliable rumor: all four registered camera models might be announced on July 17


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