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Sony Tidbits…


Focus Tracking Differences between Sony’s E-Mount and A-Mount Cameras by Gary Friedmann

Gary (video on top):As I mention in my blog ( where this video first appeared), there are a lot of people for whom this situation may never come up. My purpose with the video is to let people better understand how the cameras evolved, and to touch on the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. It’s always useful to know under which circumstances your equipment will hit its limits, even if you never push it that far.

For Germans: Gold Box on the RX1R (via DL) and A6000 (via DL).
Zeiss Loxia 35mm lens random thoughts by Sony Artisan Michael Wayne Plant.
State of the Camera Market (Diglloyd).
Sony Alpha A7 Family – Which One To Choose? (Verybiglobo).
Sony FE 24-240 tested at Dutch Pixelmania.
New kind of QX lens mount patent (Egami).
My review of the B-Grip Camera Holster for CSC’s and DSLM with my A6000 and A7R (Richardfoxphotography).
The Mighty Fifties – Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 vs Loxia 50mm f/2 vs Sigma 50mm f/1.4 (Ilovehatephoto).

Bernhard:I started a little blog about my recent switch from my Canon 5DMKiii to a Sony A7s: It’s written a little “personal”, to tech charts – only real life experiences. And it’s german only, so it may not be interesting for you.  As you sometimes post blogs of readers I thought you may like it.

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