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Alan:In December I hired the new Sony A99mk2 from Lens Rentals when I came from New Zealand for an Xmas holiday to Yosemite Nat Park. I use an A900 at present. Now I am back in NZ I have been amazed at the dynamic range of the sensor and the ability to recover shadows. It’s just amazing! The noise levels are so low compared to my A900 and the Canon 5Dsr RAW files I have been been developing for a friend, see the screenshot from Lightroom CC of El Capitan. The left is as shot, which came out under exposed by 1ev as I was on Spot EV, which I fixed in a later images. The right, with the blacks and shadows opened up by Lightroom. I am just amazed…… now to convince my my wife to let me buy one! I’m will be continuing to post images from the A99mk2 at my facebook page:

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