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Sony TidBits…(with “amatorial” A7s rolling shutter test).


Sony A7s Menu and rolling shutter test from Helder Filipe Martins on Vimeo.

Sony RX10 in Ruegen at Vimeo.
A77II test at Itmedia.
Sony A7S Full Res Sample Photos (Photographybay).
Really Right Stuff is taking pre-orders for their new L-Bracket for the a6000. Go to to pre-order. Price for the modular set is $120.
A6000 review at Beforethecoffee.
Sony HX400V review at CameraLabs.

Desy:I just came back from my vacation/wedding in Cancun and made a lil travel video with my new Sony A6000. 90% of it was shot with the A6000 and kit lens. All the shots in the water was with a Nikon AW120. And the shots at the end of the video that are widescreened are clips from my actual wedding video (Canon 5Diii). Enjoy!

Robert:Just thought your readers may be interested in two videos that I produced exclusively on Sony cameras. Both videos use footage from my nex5n (converted to infrared), nex7, and rx100ii. and

Pierrick:It seem there are a matter with electronic shutter speed on A7 with speed faster or equal to 1/1000e of sec. See this link:!34034&authkey=!AH6WrGu2jDuO6yA&ithint=folder%2c.jpg. On the beach, you can see a grey band on the left after 1/1000 sec. On the other picture you can see with and without electronic shutter speed. We try with the A7 of “Stilgar” (you know him for test between A7r and Leica M) who had both A7r and A7 and his A7 had the same matter.

Ruben:There is a very nice exhibition is scheduled for this weekend: As a part of the show they are giong to have “Hands on” in depth presentation of Sony a. The link is here: It’ll cost $10 with the proceedings going to a charity but for that you can get a free 8GB SD card, free admission to the show and access to discounted demo units if you decide to buy. There are also many nice sounding presentations scheduled for the 3 days of the show.


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