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Sony vs Canon: After the 8K battle we might get the 100MP sensor battle in 2022!


The Canon vs Sony 8K battle has ended with the launch of the Sony A1. So what’s coming next? It’s rumored that both companies might race to be the first to offer a 100+ Megapixel Full Frame camera in 2022. Last year I shared the specs of this new Sony 102MP FF sensor with 6K video capability. So I guess this sensor (or a variation) could be used inside the future A7rV. I hope it has the same new sensor tech of the A1….which means very fast readout, same high resolution EVF and why not….the same fully articulating screen of the A9II.

I am actually an owner and big fan of the entire A7r series. I can’t wait to buy the new version and you?

Would you buy the 102 Megapixel A7rV camera?

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Canon rumors CR via CanonWatch

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