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(SR3) Specs of the new A79 prototype camera!


Amazon (Click here) extended the SLT rebate auction until supplies last. Which means that they are clearing the stocks before the new A-mount camera generation will be announced. And finally we got some specs about one of the new cameras:

What you will read here are the data from a A79 prototype camera. I have been told that at this stage almost 90% of the specs should remain the same of the final production version. This is the A-mount mirrorless cameras that will be in Stock in early 2014 (don’t know when it will be announced). Here are the specs:

– 32mpix exmor hd chip (new generation)
– 4 gb buffer
– full mirrorless focus, 480 focus points
– evf 4mpix
– 8-14 fps/sec
– Magnesium body
– There will be a new vertical grip too (compatible also with current SLT cameras).
I have been told that also the look changed a tiny bit and it somehow reminds of the old [shoplink 19759 ebay]Minolta 700si (you can find them here on eBay)[/shoplink].

[shoplink 19759 ebay][/shoplink]


The 480 focus points are possible because of a new on sensor phase detection technology. I have been told it’s very fast and reliable. Simething that on paper should put into the shadow the new Canon 70D dual hybrid AF performance.

So how does this sound for you?

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