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(SR3) Three APS-C and two FF A-mount mirrorless cameras to come in 2014.


A source sent me the new Sony roadmap and it looks like five new A-mount cameras will hit the stores in 2014. I still don’t know yet if some of these cameras will be already announced this year (for preorders only). Anyway, according to my source there will be three APS-C A-mount cameras and two new FF A-mount cameras. The specs of the A79 can be read on yesterday’s post. The three APS-C cameras should be the A59, A69 and A79. I don’t know yet the names of the two new FF cameras.

I have been told all five cameras are a major leap forward in terms of tech advancements. Everything is hugely improved. let’s hope that what sounds good on paper is also good in reality :)

I am also working on the new NEX-FF and NEX-APS-C roadmap. NEX-5T will definitely come and so the DSLR shaped NEX. I am almost sure the NEX-FF will also arrive this year and maybe the NEX-7 successor too.

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