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(SR4) Action camera, Cine Alta Camera and likely a new RX camera to be announced next!


As you know Sony has recently registered two new cameras:

  1. One camera has the code “WW620081”. That camera got already registered two months ago. The “WW6” code is usually used for RX cameras
  2. The second code is “WW173777”. That kind of code is used for compact fixed lens cameras (non-RX)

Well I had a chat woth two trusted sources and those are the news we can expect in the upcoming weeks:

1) Sony should announce a new action camera (info here)
2) On September 6 Sony will announce the new FF Cine Alta camera (info here)
3) And sony will also announce a new RX camera!

Do not expect any new E-mount camera within the next 1-2 months. But we will get new E-mount lenses soon! 400mm FE, 135mm FE….

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