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(SR4) First rumors about a possible Sony announcement in late July!


I am now starting to get some info about a possible Sony product announcement in late July. I actually got two different dates:

1) around July 17-18
2) around July 25

Maybe the July 17/18 date is “only” for the meeting with the press before the unveiling of the new gear. I will try to get some reliable confirmation the next days.

While I yet have no 100% confirmation I am guessing that indeed we will have a new Sony announcement in late July. The indirect proof is that Sony has registered three new camera codes and one lens (35mm f/1.8 FE).

Summary of what we know and have heard so far:

  • possible Sony product announcement between July 17 and July 25.
  • Sony officially registered three new camera codes in Asia. Two for E-mount and one for a Cybershot/RX camera. Usually those models will be unveiled within 1-2 months after registration.
  • There are rumors saying that one of the new cameras model will be a “mass model”. Maybe a new A6500 successor or new entry or mid level A7 camera. Very wild rumor says it might be a direct Canon RP competitor named A5 or something like that
  • The Sony 35mm f/1.8 F will definitely be announced on the late July event
  • Sony did patent the 500mm f/4.0 and 100mm f/1.4 FE lenses. But I do not believe the 500mm GM will be announced in 2019. The 100mm GM on the other hand could be announced in 2019
  • Sony A9II is rumored to be announced in August-October timeframe
  • Sony A7sIII should be announced in late 2019 at earliest
  • I got no rumors about what the new Cybershot/RX model might and no rumors at all about any possible A-mount camera.

Keep in mind Sigma is going to have a major announcement in mid July too! With four FE news lenses to be announced: 35mm f/1.2, 45mm f/2.8, 12-24mm f/2.8 (or 14-24mm f/2.8) and 24-70mm f/2.8.

If you happen to know the exact date of the Sony announcement use one of these two ways to send me the news:

1) the anonymous contact form on the top right of the sidebar
2) Write me at Use to send me an anonymous message if you prefer to do so.


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