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(SR4) No good feeling about the A7xx…


During the past weeks I had long discussions with many of my sources. I didn’t post anything about the Sony A700 successor because I wanted to double check as much as possible the informations I received. As you can imagine there are many false rumors floating around the web, and also some of my sources can be wrong. One of the main questions I (and you) have is when the A700 successor will finally be on market. According to the infos I received there will be no A7xx at least until Photokina. Most of my sources say that it could also come late 2010 or early 2011 only!

Now remember, we are a rumors site and we are still building our solid sources basis. But in this case I received the same kind of rumor from completely different sources located in different parts of the world. I hate it to give you bad news but to me it seems that Sony wants to push their upcoming mirrorless system more than they push the current Alpha system.
Anyway, tomorrow Sony will do a press conference. I hope the Sony manager will tell us “Yeah the A7xx is here” and I hope to give you the damn cool link to amazon to buy the camera. I really hope that I and my sources are wrong!
But my guts tells that the news might be bad, and I wanted to share it with you.

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