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(SR4) Sony RX100M3 is coming now with popup viewfinder and new fast lens!


One of my trusted sources (Many Thanks!) just told me that the RX100M3 is indeed going to be announced next week on May 1. It will have a pop-up built-in viewfinder! It has a “different” lens. And indeed if you compare the two small images between the RX100/M2 and RX100M3 you will notice a small difference on the lens. Having a f/2.8 aperture at the tele end is really a huge improvement. And that pop up viewfinder is also an amazing addition. This two features alone will make it worth to upgrade from your current RX100!

Question to the source (and other sources): I know for certain there is more to come (beside the RX100M3 and A77II). Can you tell me more about that “other” stuff? Thanks :)

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