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Good news: Samyang 50mm f/1.4 FE autofocus lens will cost less than $600!


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Sigma ART 50mm vs Zeiss 55mm vs the new Samyang 50mm size comparison by

I got some good news on the new Samyang 50mm f/1.4 FE autofocus lens. Our reader Egrry wrote:

Representative said the price is not set but would be less than 600 USD and more than 400 USD with tax in Korea. It won’t be available until late June.

This is a very competitive price! Finally a fast FE lens that everyone can afford to buy! The question for you now is…

Will you buy the new Samyang 50mm f/1.4 FE lens?

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He also shared some more tests and findings on It’s Korean but he did it sum up for us in English (Thanks!):

1) AF lenses is not named yet. They’re conducting naming contest in Kora. That’s why it’s just engraved like AF 14/2.8 FE.
2) 14mm f2.8 is not ready for the exhibition so no hands-on time.
3) 560g. almost double of FE55.8ZA but it’s f1.4. Sigma 50.4 Art is 860g even without adapter.
4) closest focus distance is 45cm which is not suprising in Fifties.
5) Aluminum casing feels good, very similar to Sony lenses.
6) Unfortunately, focus ring is focus-by-wire. They confirmed it.
7) Sharpness at 1.4 is not surprising. It improves vastly at f2. There’s some amount of CA from 1.4 to 2. from 2.8, there’s nothing bothering in my eyes.
8) AF is good. not fast as 55.8ZA but I guess faster than 50.8. for sure it’s faster and reliable than Sigma 50.4 with MC-11. Wobbling is bigger than Sony lenses. Noise is not big but noticable than Sony.
9) Movie AF is not satisfying. You can check it another article here.(also sharpness and Bokeh test! sharpness at f2 is certainly wrongly focused.)
10) Price is not finalized yet. Samyang is listening visitors’ opinion. I said 600 USD with tax and they said it won’t be that expensive. The other said 400 USD and told it will be more than it. So I guess it would be around 500 USD. I think it’s good positioning.
11) All lenses are beta version. so it can be improved when launched.

You cna see the first image samples at Popco (Click here). There is also a new autofocus test video:

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