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(SR5) Sony delays the A99 launch :(


I have many new rumors I am working on but one of them is actually a bad news. That’s why I start with this. I learned from my TOP sources that Sony delayed the A99 launch. Reason for the delay is the (again) Thai flood. Sony needs time to evaluate the A77 customer response and the A77 production delay will not allow them to launch the A99 in Spring as originally planned. Instead the A99 will be launched in September at the Photokina show in Cologne. To make it worse the whole Sony FF roadmap has been shifted forward, this means the second FF camera (with integrated vertical grip) will probably hit the market in early 2013 only.
The A77 will be 100% available eveywhere in March. Right now you can find few cameras only at Amazon DE (Click here), Amazon Japan (Click here), with shipment in USA in March only (Click here), and overpriced on [shoplink 8461 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].

Now guys, like you I am also in a bad mood because of this news. I understand that Sony has a very good reason for delaying the A99, and sincerely they really cannot afford to repeat some of the early A77 bugs experience on a camera that is supposed to appeal the pro market. But Nikon (with the D4) and Canon (with the 5DmarkIII coming in February) are pushing forward and Sony really has to come BIG at Photokina otherwise they will miss the train. In general Sony should decide first if they want to be a serious contender in the FF market and than develop a clear and reliable product strategy. I believe Sony has the technical knowledge to challenge Nikon and Canon. But they should really start to make us “feel” they are serious with FF.

A couple of suggestions:
– New sensor technology with quantum leap forward is needed. That would allow to create a massive advantage over current Canon-Nikon cameras. See what’s going to happen with the new Fuji sensor technology tonight to see how this will create a huge buzz.
– Push super video quality on FF cameras. it’s something that will hurt Nikon.
– More top quality FF lenses. A top lens system matters!
– The camera specs should not only look good on paper but work for real from the very first day
– Make a fullframe mirrorless system. Again, create an advantage over Nikon and Canon like they did with the [shoplink 8454]NEX-7[/shoplink].

In sum Sony, make it right at Photokina…create a historical event! It’s the only way to win credibility! And one more message to my readers. To cheer you up I can share you right now that other rumors I will post soon are very positive :)

P.S.: The A900 which was marked as “discontinued” is now “in Stock” at Amazon (Click here) and Bhphoto (Click here).

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