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The fall of the camera industry: What should Sony do?


Just click on the image on top to see a larger size version (Courtesy of Lensvid).

Our friends from Lensvid analyzed the CIPA data and put on graphs the facts that we already knew: The camera industry is facing a deep crisis.  DSLR, Mirrorless and compact camera market are shrinking. And it’s possible that the this will be the trend for the future too with the mass market focusing on using devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Google Glasses to take their pictures and videos.

I am pretty sure there will be always a market for large sensor cameras but it’s likely to become pretty “marginal”. We are on the verge of a big paradigm search in the world of photography where aspects like connectivity and creativity (in form of APPS) become more important than use of system cameras. Considering these aspects what would you suggest Sony to do?

One small thought: Unlike so many other analysts I see a bright future for Sony. Nikon and Canon depend more from the “pure” system camera market than Sony. Sony did a great job to focus on one aspect that will certainly survive: Image sensor production. They are number one and still growing. No matter if people are going to use a DSLR or Smartphone or other new kind of devices. Sony will be the one company making the sensors for it!

More info at Lensvid and a youtube video made by them:

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