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Voigtlander has no plan to make faster wide angle native E-mount lenses…yet.


[shoplink 42593 ebay]A7_ultron[/shoplink] [shoplink 42593 ebay]21mm f/1.8 Ultron[/shoplink] on the A7r (Image by Andrew Xu).

SAR reader Billi sent me this:

I emailed Voigtlander the other day asking about the possibility of a [shoplink 42593 ebay]21mm f/1.8 or f/2 lens (like the Ultron)[/shoplink], being redesigned for the Sony FE system like the 15/12/10mm they’re about to drop; although slightly cryptic (perhaps because of translation?) this was their response:

thank you for your mail. To your question: …time will tell…., but not in the next time.

I do hope Voigtlander will read this: Please give us some fast lenses in native E-mount! Thanks :)

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