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Getting close to 10.000 Twitter followers…


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Right now I am writing my next SR4 rumors. In the meantime help me out to break the 10,000 Twitter followers barrier. Don’t know what will happen once I reach the magic number…Sony will call me and unveil the A9 specs? :) Twitter:

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P.S.: A couple of notes:
1) I removed a lot of advertising and will remove some further. I also cleaned the code a bit. Website should load faster. A more serious cleaning is due to happen in 1-2 months. I promise site will be less cluttered by then!
2) I am working to remove all trolls which as usual comment as anonymous guests. Hope comment system will be more enjoyable to follow.
3) Join SonyAlphaForum for more “deep” discussions on Sony cameras and lenses. I am very “active” there if you want to follow me :)



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