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May 16, 2015
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Sony Tidbits…


Sony 30mm F2.8 Macro Lens Review

Zeiss Batis on preorder at Amazon DE (Click here)
350 pounds off on the A7Ii at Amazon UK (Click here)
The German Stiftung Warentest says the new Sony A7II scored the best IQ ranking ever (
Chipworks reverse engineers Sony 2nd generation stacked sensor (Image Sensor World).
Zeiss Loxia 50mm tested at Focus Numerique.
Online has very differing views on the A7ii 5 axis (SonyAlphaForum).
Zeiss Loxia 35mm F2 Lens Review by SonyAlphaLab on Youtube.
Hands-On Review of the Atomos Shogun (BHphoto).
Why you shouldn’t trust DXO lens testing (SonyAlphaForum).
Einfach nur genial: Das Sonnar T* FE 2,8/35 ZA (

May 15, 2015
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Sony Tidbits…(Tony Northup debunks the high megapixel=high noise myth).

Pixel Density vs Noise: Do Higher Megapixels make Noisier Pictures?

Talent matters: Model shooting with an eight(!) year old Sony A-mount camera at SonyAlphaForum.
Sony Showdown: A7II vs. A7R vs. A7S (Adorama Blog).
Optical Advantages of Curved Image Sensor (Image Sensor World).
Pentax FA 43mm F1.9 on Sony A7 (FocusPeaking).
Sony to Sponsor PAGB Inter Federation Cup (Photographyblog).
IISW 2015 Program: All-Pixel PDAF, Global Shutter Stacked Sensors, and More (Image Sensor World).
Sony A7II + Minolta APO 100-300mm (SonyAlphaForum).
Animation to show how CMOS and CCD image sensors work. This animation was used in a trial against Canon Inc (Gizmodo).

Niklas:I saw that you posted some videos and just wanted to share a video I shot entirely on the RX10 compact camera. t’s a great camera and I just wanted to prove that you don’t need an a7s to get a cinematic look. Swedish midsummer in the archipelago, shot entirely on the rx10, enjoy.

May 14, 2015
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Sony Tidbits…

The Angry Photographer: REVIEW: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100MIII . What!? Point and shoot? Yes

Voigtländer 40mm f/2.8 Heliar samples and impressions (Dpreview).
Creativity, Style & Gear: The latest 500px Q&A with Sony Artisan, Brian Matiash (Sony Blog).
Sony FE 28mm samples and review at Sonymirrorlesspro.
Sony Image Sensor Demand Said to Exceed Supply (Image Sensor World).
Sony FE 24-240mm lens test at Itmedia.
A7s Reader Photo Shades of blue (Los Angeles Time).

Anonymous:This wasnt reported at the time but there was an interview at dc home a few months ago which i think would be an interesting discussion. In the interview the interviewer asked about the A77II AF module in the LA-EA6. The Sony engineer says the size of the module is a problem for an adapter. It would be an interesting discussion around would the readers accept a larger bump in the LA-EA4 to get better AF?

–The mount adapter equipped with translucent mirror technology isn’t made denial, but I think I’m incapable to use 15 point AF sensor of LA-EA4 by full-sized α as expected. I think thing asking I don’t have is understood sufficiently, but there should be LA-EA6 α 77 II treated to 79 AF sensors (temporary)…,….

Hosokawa: The size of the AF module also becomes big to achieve a wide AF area.

It’s a problem whether it’s put in the size which can permit that as a mount adapter and after all whether the usual type phase contrast AF system by translucent mirror technology is a good one or, is a system using image face phase contrast AF good? The place where I’d like to reduce what kind of merit there is to a customer and think as technological directionality.

Japanese Text:
――トランスルーセントミラー・テクノロジーを搭載したマウントアダプターを否定はしませんが、やはりLA-EA4の15点AFセンサーは、フルサイズのαで使うには力不足だと思います。ないものねだりは十分承知していますが、α77 IIの79点AFセンサーを奢ったLA-EA6(仮)があればいいな、と思うのですが……。


それをマウントアダプターとして許容できる大きさに収められるかどうかが問題ですし、そもそもトランスルーセントミラー・テクノロジーによる従来型位相差AF方式が良いのか、それとも像面位相差AFなどを使う方式が良いのか? 技術の方向性としてお客さまにどういうメリットがあるのかを整理して考えていきたいところです。

May 13, 2015
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Zeiss Batis uses white PMOLED for clarity under direct sunlight.

The Zeiss name gets displayed at camera startup on the white PMOLED

The new Zeiss Batis FE lenses are the worldwide first lenses with a white PMOLED screen on it. If you ever wondered what the heck a “Pmoled” is here comes the explanation:
Normal OLED TV’s use active-matrix addressing schemes because it allows for higher resolution and larger display sizes. But the new Zeiss Batis lenses have white PMOLED screens that use Passive matrix addressing just like ePaper Tablets (read Amazon Kindle). It means they offer an increased brightness and clarity in direct sunlight. This means you don’t have to worry that you might not read the screen in daylight!

Quick note: Few Loxia 35mm in Stock in USA via Poppflash (Click here).

Both lenses are now available for preorder in USA and Europe (UK/Germany)
Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 lens in US at Adorama, Bhphoto. In Eu at Amazon DE, WexUK. In Asia at Digitalrev.
Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2.0 lens at Adorama, Bhphoto. In EU at Amazon DE, WexUK. In Asia at Digitalrev.
Lens shade for 85mm at Adorama, Bhphoto.
Lens shade for 25mm at Adorama, Bhphoto.


May 13, 2015
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Sony Tidbits…

6 DIY Photography Filters With Everyday Items

FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS – Great for Architecture (SonyAlphaForum).
Sigma 10-20mm and Sigma 150-500mm lenses are now officially discontinued (Sigmarumors).
New Sea & Sea Housing for Sony a7 Mark II (Diveguide).
My 7 Favourite Sony A7s Accessories (Cinema5D).
‘Full-Frame’ With The Sony A7 II – Really Rather Good But With Issues (Soundimagesplus).
Manual lenses on the Alpha 7 series – beginners guide (SonyAlphaForum).

Gabriel:Hello i just want to share my work experience with sony stuff.

Ivar:I stumbled on a video of magnum photographer and legend Eli Reed on a promotional video for South Korea photographing with Sony A7 series camera’s: There are more Magnum legend promoting South Korea but he is the first I see with Sony. It’s great to learn from the pro’s. Have fun

Samys: “Sony expands the ability to test drive and use their equipment at an upcoming shooting event at a local Malibu Vineyard with Samy’s Camera in Los Angeles on May 17th.  A Sony Artisan will be in attendance to provide guidance and assistance to achieve the best image results.  With the recent introduction of additional new full frame lenses the a7 series cameras will continue to gain momentum and be the choice over traditional DSLR’s.  The web link to participate in this shooting event is below.
Malibu Wines Landscape Photography Workshop
May 17, 3:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Hosted by Samys Photo School & Sony.

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