Official: Sony makes offer for a partnership with Olympus.


The worse financial results and fee scandal forced Olympus to seek for a new partnership. And according to the new Olympus president Sasa Sony (along other) made an official offer (Source Der Spiegel).

My guess is that Sony is interested in the medical business from Olympus, which is very healthy and profitable. What I don’t know if it’s good for Sony to join another new business. Sony is already facing a hard time in many sectors (like for example the TV business).

From a digital camera strategy point of view Sony could force Olympus to jump out of the Micro Four Thirds ship and join the NEX system. I don’t know if that is just a forced speculation or a real plan. Would be good for the NEX system, bad for Panasonic. I think it would be a good new for NEX users havng Olympus on board!