October 29, 2014
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Sony launches the PRO service in US!


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Sony US just announced the new PRO support service for the US. This is the official press release:

SAN DIEGO, CA (Oct. 29, 2014) – Sony, a worldwide leader in digital imaging, has announced the formal launch of their “PRO Support” service program, offering premium service, repair, support, equipment loans and more to working professional photographers.

“I’m very pleased to launch our PRO Support program here in the US” said Neal Manowitz, director of the a interchangeable lens camera business at Sony. “We’ve seen such a strong response to Sony cameras from working pros, and are proud to offer this versatile program to cater to their demands. It’s a premium support experience that will ensure our pros are constantly ready for business and remain up-to-date with all of our leading innovations.”

Brian Smith, Sony Artisan of Imagery, added “As a professional photographer, my Sony cameras take a beating while they hold up to the rigors of the road. Yet it’s great to know that Sony PRO Support has my back – so I can finish the job even when shooting in the harshest conditions.”

The program, already in beta, will launch tomorrow, October 30th at (www.sony.com/PROServices). A formal overview of its membership benefits and requirements is below:

PRO Support Program Benefits:

  • Welcome Kit
  • Dedicated phone support
  • Expedited turnaround time for repair service
  • Repair facilitation loans
  • Access to loan equipment for evaluation purposes
  • Free camera maintenance services
  • No out-of-pocket shipping expenses
    • Discounts on out-of-warranty repairs

Membership Eligibility requirements:

  • Owner of two (2) Sony Alpha Full Frame Interchangeable Lens Cameras and three (3) Sony ZEISS™ and/or G-Series Lenses
  • $100 annual membership fee
  • Active professional photographer (self-employed or member of professional imaging business)

For more information on Sony’s PRO Support Service program or to formally apply, please visit (www.sony.com/PROServices).



Matt Parnell

Sony Electronics Inc.


October 29, 2014
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Sigma says E-mount diameter is small and makes it difficult to design high quality Full Frame lenses.


Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki released an interesting interview at DSLRmagazine (google translation here). Highlights of the interview can be read at MirrorlessRumors. Mr. Kazuto also gave an explanation why they do not plan yet to make lenses for the Full Frame E-mount system. He said the diameter is very small and makes it difficult to design high quality FF lenses. He is yet not sure about it but to him it almost looks like E-mount was designed for APS-C more than FF.

Also interesting: He is aware that Sony is working on three layer sensors and also said he expects big new PRO cameras to be announced at the CP+ show in Japan (February 2015).


October 28, 2014
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First time in Stock: The new special design Voigtlander Heliar for the Sony A7!


The brand new New Voigtlander Aspherical 40mm f/2.8 40/2.8 Heliar is in Stock for the first time at CameraQuest one eBay (Click here). This is a very unique lens made specially for the Sony A7 series (obviously it works on APS-C E-mount camera too). And you need to buy the VM-E Close Focus Adapter Required (here one Bay) to make it work!

As Voigtlander writes: “The Heliar 40mm F2.8 is manufactured only for the purpose of using this lens onto E-mount camera body via VM-E Close Focus Adapter. You can not do focusing when you mount this lens via adapters not designed with built-in focusing-function or M-mount camera body directly.

So why is this lens interesting on the A7? Because it is very compact thanks to the collapsible desing.Because it’s well-built and has a nice handling and should give you an “analogic” (old-look) image rendering. I like it :)

UPDATE: It’s also in Stock at Fotomundus (via DL).

October 28, 2014
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Sony manager Kenta Honjo says new Full Frame E-mount cameras are coming very soon!

Mr. Kenta from Sony has been interviewed by Dpreview and he spilled out some info particularly about the next generation E-mount FF:

1) We will try to get A6000 AF performance on the next generation FF E-mount cameras
2) New generation of Full Frame E-mount cameras is coming very soon.
3) we are aiming sport and pro photographers with the next generation(s) of FF E-mount
4) We are seeing the transition from DSLR to Mirrorless happening. DSLR will remain in a very high end niche.
5) The Telephoto prime lens (300mm) is something we get asked to make from our users
6) We don’t know if A and E-mount will merge one day. For now we keep developing booth.
7) The number one key tech to acquire customers is develop autofocusing
8) Next generation FF E-mount cameras will get more customizability

So what are yout thoughts about that interview? It’s very clear Sony is betting high on the new FF E-mount generation cameras. And like I told you many times in those weeks…something big is coming early 2015! Stay tuned on SAR!

October 27, 2014
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Atomos Sony A7 power station to ship in November!


Atomos announced that new Sony A7/r/s compatible power station you can preorder at BHphoto (Click here). It will ship in November for $295. Those are the great features of the power station:


Here is the full description:

The Atomos Power Station is a dual battery system for powering your camera and additional devices in the field. It mounts underneath your camera using a 1/4″-20 screw with thumbwheel and features slots for two Sony L-series type batteries. Two DC outputs and an included splitter cable allows powering of up to three devices, such as an LED light, a monitor, and a recorder. Optional DC adapters are available to provide power to popular cameras. And because batteries are hot-swappable, you can replace batteries on-the-fly without losing power to your devices.

In addition to the two DC power outputs, the Power Station also features a flexible dual USB power source which can power can power two USB devices, or one high-powered 2A device, such as an iPad. Two 2600 mAh batteries come included, which can charge an iPhone 5 from 0 to 100% three times. To monitor the power remaining on your attached batteries, there are independent left and right LED displays on the front of the Power Station, providing a quick 5-step guide from 100% to 10% battery life.

  • Dual battery system
  • Compatible with Sony L-series batteries; optional adapters available for Nikon EN-EL15 or Canon LP-6 batteries
  • Batteries are hot-swappable
  • 1/4″-20 Camera screw
  • Dual DC power outputs provide 8.2 V, 5A power on DC input power, and 6.2 to 8.4 VDC on battery power
  • Splitter cable to powering two devices from single DC output
  • Optional DC adapter cables available for popular cameras
  • Dual 5V DC USB power outputs; charge a single high-powered 2A device or two 1A device
  • Independent 5-step battery level meters
  • Includes two 2600 mAh batteries
  • Works with Atomos monitor/recorders

Get it at BHphoto (Click here) or MotionMedia (Click here).

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