March 25, 2015
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(SR5) Sony to announce new “Products” on April 23. (…for A-mount?)



As you can see from the image on top Sony has a press briefing scheduled for April 23 at the World Photography Awards. Trusted Sources confirmed Sony will have a product announcement on that day. But I am not sure yet we will get the A7rII on that event because I heard of another (E-mount related) announcement in May. It’s yet a complete mystery what kind of camera they will announce on April 23. I don’t wanna give false hopes to A-mount followers but last year they announced the Sony A77II on the Photography Award event. So maybe… :)

To sum up. We have three rumored announcement dates:
1) April 12: NAB show Sony press conference. No new E or A-mount photocamera coming (just camcorder stuff).
2) April 23: Worldphoto event: ???
3) May announcement: New E-mount cameras/lenses.

If you think that it makes no sense having three different product announcements within 30 days…note that last year Sony made three separate announcements too: Sony A7s on April 6. Sony A77II on May 1. RX100 on May 16.

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March 25, 2015
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Sony Tidbits…

Sony a6000 Overview Tutorial by Tony Northrup

2.8/20 comparison review: Minolta MD vs Canon FD (SonyAlphaForum).
Mark Galer: Sony Alpha Ambassador (Youtube).
You can never have too many backups! (Planet Alpha).
Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm f/4.5 m39 version (SonyAlphaForum).
Sony A7II with FE 28-70mm kit announced in Japan (
What is in your bag (Newsshooter).
New B-grip line at Bgrip.
Caméra Sony PXW-FS7 : le test (Focus Numerique).

Vladislav:I shoot with sony (I’m a wildlife photographer) and I hate it with a new body comes out and all reviews are for portretry and general specs reviews, but nobody talks about how capable the camera for wildlife is. My channel just uploaded one review, that does exactly that, for the other wildlifers shooting with sony out there and I think there might be plenty of your readers interested in what I have to say.

Javier:I am one of those lucky enough to have the new Sony FE PZ 28-135mm f / 4G OSS, this video is made with the Sony A7s and Shogun atoms , there are also recorded with drone planes. I leave a picture of recording equipment. Is made in the Sierra Nevada National Park:


March 24, 2015
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New A77II bundle deal and Sony US deals roundup (A7/s/r, NEX-7)


Sony launched that Sony A77II bundle deal on their SonyStore (Click here). And there is also a A7/s/r lens/case superbundle again at Sony Store US (Click here).

More new Sony deals:
Today only you can grab the NEX-7 with kit lens for $498 only at BHphoto (Click here). That deal runs today only!
And this is the cheapest E-mount kit you can get right now: The Sony A3000 with kit lens sells for $249 at BHphoto (Click here).
$300 off and free SD card and case on the A6000 double lens kit at Secondipity eBay (Click here).
$100 off on the A3000 with kit lens at Secondipity eBay (Click here).
50% off on refurbished 55-210mm sold by BeachCamera on eBay (Click here).
Save $250 on Open Box Sony A7s cameras sold by Samys on eBay (Click here).
RX100 with $100 free extras (SD card, LR5) and a $50 gift card when using the code “trade50328” at FocusCamera (Click here).
Save $340 on that
A77II kit with free grip at Sony Store US (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
$300 off on the Zeiss 12mm f/2.8 Touit at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
$221 off on the Zeiss 32mm f/1.8 Touit at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)
FE 24-240mm is in Stock at BestBuy eBay, Adorama and Sony US


March 24, 2015
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(SR4) More A7rII launch confirmations and (SR3) specs (Has same 36MP A7r sensor?).


(SR4) Sony A7rII is coming:
Over the weekends I got more confirmations from one source that indeed the Sony A7rII is the next FF camera to be launched by Sony. There is yet no exact launch date I can share but the release really appears to be imminent. One anonymous source also shared some A7rII tidbits (take that as SR3):

– It has the same A7r 36 megapixel sensor
– Improved high ISO (thanks to the improved processor)
– Faster autofocusing
– 5 axis stabilization (exactly the same system used by the A7II).
– A7II alike body size
– Silent shutter mode (at last!)

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March 24, 2015
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New Heliar 15mm III lens test.

Image courtesy: DSLRmagazine

The new Voigtlander Heliar 15mm III lens is an exciting little jewel that my will find its way in my bag soon :) And if you want to see how good the lens works on Sony A7 cameras check out the image samples and test posted by Mopswerk on SonyAlphaForum. His 1st impressions are:

#1 The purple edges of the old lens versions are gone
#2 Some purple fringes at the edges
#3 quite a heavy vignette / light fall off

#2 and #3 probably can be fixed in post (#1 with the old lenses could only be fixed with additional efforts). It’s still a tiny lens (the 1st images showing the lens implied a bigger size) and I like the metal finish of the Voigtlanders.
Distorion is very low.

The lens is now in Stock via Asian sellers on eBay (Click here) and shipping soon at Fotomundus Germany (Click here).

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