November 4, 2010
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(SR4) The next Sony cameras to be announced are…videocameras!

We are approaching the CES event which will take place in Las Vegas on January 6-9 2011. The International CES is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. According to our sources the next Sony cameras to be announced are not SLT or DSLR cameras, these are videocameras! One of them is certainly the fullframe videocamera pictured above. But that FF videocamera is to expensive to compete against in the Panasonic AG-AF100 camcorder. And the current NEX-VG10 has not enough features to appeal professionists. According to two of our sources Sony is preparing a new NEX-VG pro-camera. We have no specs yet but it looks like the VG videocamera will be announced at CES!

P.S.: There is a $95 price drop on the Sony NEXVG10 at Amazon (Click here)

November 4, 2010
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Panasonic unveils the GF2. Not as small as the NEX!

After days of rumors finally we can see the new Panasonic GF2. And with a little bit of surprise Panasonic dind’t manage it to reduce the size of the GF2 to match the Sony NEX cameras. Using a little marketing trick Panasonic is now promoting the GF2 saying that it is the smallest mirrorless camera…..with built-in Flash :)

P.S.: I still preferr the older Panasonic GF1.

Via 43rumors

November 3, 2010
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Sony interview at Megapixel

Megapixel had a small talk with Takashi Jasuda (Sony Europe) at Photokina and those are the most interesting parts of the interview:
- 01:48We almost completed the development of the 500mm G lens.
- 02:50 Takashi talks about the NEX roadmap
- 04:33 A700 replacement (it will be a translucent model)
- 07:00 Will there be a Fullframe translucent camera? It is possible to make a FF translucent but Sony doesn’t know if there is a real demand for it. They didn’t decide if they will develop such a model or not.
- At 08:45 Takashi didn’t undertsand the question :)
- 09:39 Takashi talks about 3D
- 13:20 Will there be video lenses for SLT cameras? The answer is “yes”!

Thanks Megapixel

November 2, 2010
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The Sony A55 has the best APS-C sensor (says DxOmark)

DxOmark tested the 14 Megapixel (A33) and 16 Megapixels (A55) sensor and surprise surprise…the A55 has the best APS-C sensor ever tested on DxO. Look at the following sensor ranking graph:
It beats all Canon APS-C cameras and only the Nikon D90 is as good as the A55.

The real fun with DxoMark tests is that you can easily compare the cameras like here for example: A55 vs D90 vs 7D (click here to see the comparison).

Reminder: The A55 is in Stock at Amazon US, Sonystyle, Pixmania Deutschland, Pixmania Belgium, Pixmania Austria, Pixmania UK, Pixmania Holland, Pixmania Poland, Pixmania Italia, Pixmania Suisse, Pixmania Spain, Pixmania France.

November 2, 2010
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SonyAlphaRumors is having its first birthday!

It’s SonyAlphaRumors’ first birthday!

I started working on this website exactly one year ago and there is one reason only why I want to celebrate this event. It’s the perfect occasion to thank you! Because of your help I can post unique rumors and interesting news and pay the server bills. What I like most is that through this website I am able to meet so many people from everywhere around the world! I only wish I would have more time to visit you all in your country :)

I could write a book about what happened in the past year, but I will stop here. Because really, the only thing you should know is that I feel happy to be here for you! Thanks!

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