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January 18, 2010
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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W330 First Shots

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W330 First Shots includes test images straight from the lab. (imaging resource)

January 16, 2010
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work in progress…need a little help :)

I am currently working on many new features and I have to ask you one favor.
Can you just click to the following link. I need to check if it works well: link. If all works fine amazon should count the clicks…

Many thanks!

January 15, 2010
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Carreercast doesn’t want you to become a Photojournalist :)

Did you know that beeing photojournalist is one of the worst job ever? On the Wall Street Journal you can find the list of the 200 Best and Worst Jobs 2010.

Made by Carrercast it is based on five criteria — environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands and stress. You can find the Photojournalist on place 189!

January 14, 2010
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(SR2) UPDATED -> The Sony Alpha 260

I just received this rumor from one of our new sources:

The Sony Alpha 260 according reports will remain pretty much the same as the current Sony A230 but will increase MP to 14 or 16MP (CMOS) with HD video and is likely to have Live view but it’s believed it will carry ethier the same battery as the 230 or the upcomming NP-FV to keep size down.

UPDATE: The camera should be released late 2010 early 2011.

Reminder: The rumor is from a new source. We will soon see if he has been right with that rumor. Until them we will classify his rumor with the “SR2” value -> “unconfirmed rumor from new source”

January 14, 2010
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About our rumors, about us…

Like you I read the reaction in various forums when people talks about our rumors. I already had this experience when I started 43rumors one year ago. I understand when people doesn’t trust our rumors. And honestly I would be one of them if I would not be the SonyAlphaRumors owner :)

Honestly, we would not last few months if we would invent our rumors. Our goal is to provide you with rumors which will become true!
We collect rumors and news from everywhere (new and old sources and websites). We only started few months ago that’s why we need some time to understand which source is cheating us and which source really knows what’s going on with Sony. I expect some of our rumors to be unexact and in some cases wrong because in fact they are “rumors” and not official news. That’s why we always post rumors with a value:

SR1= very likely a fake
SR2= from new sources
SR3= from a new source I had the chance to talk with and which I am confident he could really know something
SR4= From a known source which has been right in the past. Usually SR4 rumors also have been confirmed by a second source
SR5= It’s done!

You should take in “serious” consideration the rumors with value SR4 or SR5.

I also ask you to not post our news in forum where it is not appropriate. Do it if it makes sense. And please underline the fact that this are rumors!

If you want to help us by sending news or rumors feel free to contact us at We will keep you anonymus if you want. You can also use our form which doesn’t store you informations (for example it doesn’t store your IP address).

One more thing: I am continually improving the website and I will add a lot of new content. Just give me some time because I can only work on it on Weekends and Holidays :(

have a nice day!



January 13, 2010
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(SR3) new Sony A850 and A900 firmware update in February.

Sony Japan is plannig to release a new firmware update for the Sony A850 and Sony A900 cameras. Sonys new firmware will reduce the noise level at Low and High ISO.

Release expected for mid February!


January 12, 2010
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(SR4) UPDATED-> new Sony HighEnd Alpha camera!

UPDATE: I’ve been really busy today so I had no time to answer your comments and to give you some more informations. Now I am back at home so feel free to ask me everything you want to know!

The Sony A950(?)

Three of our sources told us about the HighEnd model. All confirmed that it will have more than 30 megapixels and no video recording. It will also NOT be a mirrorless camera.

We also found this news from Fotoactualidad:

Bob Krist posted a secret photo of the camera. Initially people thought it is a Nikon camera but if you look closely you will notice the Zeiss lens (the 16-35mm Lens)! More about that at fotoactualidad (google english translation).

One more thing about us and our sources. Our goal is to provide very reliable “rumors”. We do not invent anything and the rumor sources we have are known since months or even years. We work very close with the 43rumors website which already has prooven to be very reliable. Just give us some time and you will see we are not completely crazy ;)

If you want to help us or send us rumors and news feel free to contact us at




P.S.: You can chat with me via gmail!

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