(SR5) follow us! Sony announcement at 5-6 am London time!!!

Dear readers, finally we know when exactly Sony will announce the A55, A33 , A560 and A580 cameras!

At 5-6am London time Sony will announce the cameras. I will not sleep that night and you can follow all the updates previews and news on SonyAlphaRumors. I am really excited and you?

I received reports from people that tested the A55 and the A33. They confirmed that those cameras are way better than the current hotseller…the Canon 550D!

And those guys know what they are talking about…

(SR5) Price of the A55 and A33

Tomorrow (August 24) is the big day! SonyAlphaRumors will keep you updated with all news, previews and press releases! Be sure to not miss any news and rumors, connect on Facebook, Twitter and follow our RSS-feed!
According to latest rumors (from our very good soruces) those are the prices for the A55 and A33:

[shoplink 3617]Sony A55[/shoplink] $749 body only
$849 with 18-55mm lens

[shoplink 3620]Sony A33[/shoplink] $649 body only
$749 with 18-55mm lens

Body size of both cameras is the same. The A55 has GPS, 16.2 megapixel and 10 frames per second. The A33 no GPS, 14.3 megapixel and 7 frame per seconds.

(SR5) More small info about the A55 and A33!

1) 15 point AF sensors, 3 cross type, 1200 segment metering

2) The A55 and A33 do have a 100-12800 ISO range. And it can go up to 25.600 ISO combined with the Multi Frame NR function! In Auto setting the iso range goes from 100 to1600 ISO.

3) Sony redesigned the shutter unit which now is more compact.

4) Compared to the [shoplink 3124]Sony A550[/shoplink] the body is almost 2cm less height! This is possible due the more simple Translucent construction (and the new EVF).

5) The A33 weights 430gramm and the A55 440gramm

REMINDER: Tomorrow Sony will announce the cameras….follow us! We will give you every update, every news, every preview we can find!

(SR3) New SAL-18-250mm with SAM leaked?

UPDATED: We have some troubles about the picture and we don’t know if the image is correct or not.
According to an anonymous sender the current Sony 18-250mm lens is going to be updated with the SAL-18-250 SAM lens (see picture above)!

P.S.: SAM lenses have autofocus motors built into the lens.

Thanks to the anonymous sender!

(SR5) The translucent tecnology advantage explained by Sony!

Our sources sent us a list of advantage of having a translucent tecnology. Apparently those are the arguments Sony will use to promote their A33 and A55 cameras!

1) There is no moveable mirror and you can take a picture in less than 0.1 sec!
2) World’s first Phase detection during FullHD video recording!
3) High FPS (10 frames per second).
4) No Mirror blackouts (Fulltime Liveview!).
5) Enables a more compact design. The Translucent cameras do weight 25% less than the current [shoplink 3124]Sony A550[/shoplink]. And the size is reduced by over 20%!

Let me add one more advantage: No more “clap” noise because of the mirror!

(SR5) A55 and A33: LCD, EVF and other specs

3 inch and 921.000 dot resolution
It has Trueblack tecnology with level gauge, focus point maginification and a gridline.

One of the main strenghts is that in the dark the EVF (electronic viewfinfer) displays better images than the OVF (optical viewfinder)
You can use the EVF in video mode (you can’t do that with an Optical viewfinder)
1.44 dots LCD (not OLED sory)
100% coverage / 0.95x magnification

Special features:
Auto HDR (3 frames combined), Multi-frame NoiseReduction in Low-Light situations (it takes 6 frames to combine them), Hand-Held Twilight, 3D sweep panorama. There is also a new automatic mode that can automatically select on of the special features above!

(SR5) Also the Sony A560 and A580 gets leaked!

The Sony A560 is a classic DSLR (not a pellix camera) with very similar A33 features:

* 14MP sensor
* ISO range of 100-12800
* 1080i video
* 15 AF points, some of them cross-point
* 5 fps
* dual memory slots (not sure what type)
* swivel display

The Sony A580 has 16 Megapixel.

In the meanwhile the Sony A500 (Click here) and the Sony A550 (Click here) do get big discounts on amazon!

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