(SR2) Five new NEX lenses at Photokina? (maybe some of them ZEISS?)

Via mirrorlessrumors we learned that Klaus Schroff from Photozone maybe just made a “mistake” and unintentionally revealed that five new Sony NEX lenses will be announced in the next future! As you know he already reviewed the three known NEX lenses (The [shoplink 2998]16mm[/shoplink], the [shoplink 2996]18-55mm[/shoplink] and the [shoplink 3060]18-200mm[/shoplink] lens).

Inside a dpreview forum post he revealed that: “There’ll be 5 more NEX tests in the near future so we’ll have a better guidance about the quality of these Sony lenses … emoticon - wink

UPDATE: Probably he is testing third party lenses on NEX cameras (using adpaters)?

One more news:
According to Martin Klottig, Marketing Manager of the Camera Lens Division at Carl Zeiss AG they “will present new lenses and, for the first time, accessories at photokina. You’ll have to be a bit more patient to find out exactly what we have in store.

Just a reminder. Few days ago we posted a rumor we received from 2 new sources (also NOT from out trusted sources). According to them Sony will show new Zeiss lenses for E-mount at Photokina in September. The sources couldn’t tell me if Sony will only show or also release the lenses. The design of the lenses will be based on current ZM lenses. [shoplink 3255]Click here to check out all current ZM lenses availability and prices on eBay[/shoplink].

We from SonyAlphaRumors are 100% sure that Zeiss will make lenses for the NEX-system but we don’t know yet if they will show them at Photokina. If you know something about the future ZEISS lenses feel free to contact us using the form on the right! Thanks!

Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unkown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

(SR5) A55 and A33 in Stock by end of September! A560/580 price. Amateur Photographers writes about the A55 and A33

Some more infos:

1) The [shoplink 3617]Sony A55[/shoplink] and [shoplink 3620]Sony A33[/shoplink] will be in Stock by late September-early October

2) The A560 costs $649 body only and $749 with kit. the A580 $100 more.

3) Flash is very high (?)

4) metal func-dial (like A100)

5) less noise than Canon (and better video than Canon). That’s a result of tests made by some of our sources!

Very important, after tomorrow’s announcement there will be new rumors about next Cameras and Lenses. The NEX and the translucent cameras are the first part of Sonys revolution. After that it’s time to satisfy the pro market ;)

UPDATE: Amateur Photographer removed the article! amateurphotographer.co.uk

(SR5) follow us! Sony announcement at 5-6 am London time!!!

Dear readers, finally we know when exactly Sony will announce the A55, A33 , A560 and A580 cameras!

At 5-6am London time Sony will announce the cameras. I will not sleep that night and you can follow all the updates previews and news on SonyAlphaRumors. I am really excited and you?

I received reports from people that tested the A55 and the A33. They confirmed that those cameras are way better than the current hotseller…the Canon 550D!

And those guys know what they are talking about…

(SR5) Price of the A55 and A33

Tomorrow (August 24) is the big day! SonyAlphaRumors will keep you updated with all news, previews and press releases! Be sure to not miss any news and rumors, connect on Facebook, Twitter and follow our RSS-feed!
According to latest rumors (from our very good soruces) those are the prices for the A55 and A33:

[shoplink 3617]Sony A55[/shoplink] $749 body only
$849 with 18-55mm lens

[shoplink 3620]Sony A33[/shoplink] $649 body only
$749 with 18-55mm lens

Body size of both cameras is the same. The A55 has GPS, 16.2 megapixel and 10 frames per second. The A33 no GPS, 14.3 megapixel and 7 frame per seconds.

(SR5) More small info about the A55 and A33!

1) 15 point AF sensors, 3 cross type, 1200 segment metering

2) The A55 and A33 do have a 100-12800 ISO range. And it can go up to 25.600 ISO combined with the Multi Frame NR function! In Auto setting the iso range goes from 100 to1600 ISO.

3) Sony redesigned the shutter unit which now is more compact.

4) Compared to the [shoplink 3124]Sony A550[/shoplink] the body is almost 2cm less height! This is possible due the more simple Translucent construction (and the new EVF).

5) The A33 weights 430gramm and the A55 440gramm

REMINDER: Tomorrow Sony will announce the cameras….follow us! We will give you every update, every news, every preview we can find!

(SR3) New SAL-18-250mm with SAM leaked?

UPDATED: We have some troubles about the picture and we don’t know if the image is correct or not.
According to an anonymous sender the current Sony 18-250mm lens is going to be updated with the SAL-18-250 SAM lens (see picture above)!

P.S.: SAM lenses have autofocus motors built into the lens.

Thanks to the anonymous sender!