(SR5) Sony to announce the first two Pellix cameras at Photokina in September! The A55 and A33!

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In November 2009 we told you that Sony was working on a completely new type of camera, the Pellix camera. A Pellix camera has a semitransparent and fixed mirror. Canon was once one of the leaders of the semitransparent mirror tecnology (For example with the Canon EOS RTCanon EOS RTCanon EOS RTCanon EOS RTCanon EOS RTCanon EOS RTCanon EOS RTCanon EOS RTCanon EOS RTCanon EOS RTCanon EOS RT) Those pellix cameras were all film cameras.

SonyAlphaRumors learned that Sony will launch two new Pellix cameras at Photokina (late September). This will be the first digital pellix cameras ever made. Both cameras will feature the new APS-C ExmorHD sensor.

Why should pellix be interesting?
1) Ken Rockwell said it few days ago: “why isn’t (video on DSLR) it good enough for me? Simple: DSLRs have no real autofocus!“. Current DSLR+video cameras like the Canon 5D MarkII or the Nikon D3s do have a very slow contrast autofocus. With the fixed semitransparent mirror from the future Sony cameras you will have a fast working phase detection autofocus not only for stills but also for video. And it will be the fastest autofocus ever made on a DSLR+video camera!
2) The mirror is fixed so there will be no moving parts. That should help you to get sharper images (like on rangefindersrangefindersrangefindersrangefindersrangefindersrangefindersrangefindersrangefindersrangefindersrangefindersrangefinders)
3) The camera will be more silent!
4) The camera can take pictures (stills!) at over 10fps!

The only minor issue of Pellix cameras is that they have to split the light in two parts. A small part of the light goes to the phase detection sensor and a bigger part to the sensor. You should loose no more than 1/3 EV. We really shouldn’t worry about that :)

It is clear that Sony wants to offer the best possible video expereince on DSLR cameras! The pellix tecnology combined with the new ExmorHD sensor will almost create the Killer DSLR+video camera. I say “almost” because there is also one more thing we still would need: Raw-video recording. But according to our sources the camea will record in AVCHD format (24/Mbit/s).

What’s the difference between the two cameras? The A55 will record in FullHD (1080 60i/50i) and the A33 in 720p. The body will be very small like current APS-C Sony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony Alpha cameras. The price of the Pellix cameras? Cheap! I don’t know the price but I am certain it will be cheap!

One more thing. The cameras won’t be called DSLR anymore (Should be something like DSTR T=transparent). And yes it is a “classic” AlphaMount camera.

Design of the Pellix mirror

As you may remember in February we also posted a Sony patent which shows how it works: https://sonyalpharumors.com/sr5-and-here-it-is-the-sony-half-mirror-pellix-patent/

Some technical details about the Pellix mirror have been posted at EosHD.

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Since months I am working to get reliable infos about a “special” Sony camera. Since November 2009 we know that Sony is working on that secret project I now “believe” to know some of the infos. In few hours I will post the rumor. As you know we have been the first to post the NEX specs on early February. Now SonyAlphaRumors will be the first to give you details about the next Sony revolutionary project ;)

I am at work now so I will only have time in few hours to write the whole post.

Stay tuned!

(SR5) At least 6 Alpha cameras are going to be announced during the next 3 months!

According to the same source who leaked the NEX camera specs long time ago Sony is ready to launch six new Alpha cameras. All cameras do feature an APS-C sensor. The first two should be the Sony A290 and the Sony A390 (expected announcement early June). Both will come equipped with the 14 Megapixel CCD sensor. The next cameras will use the new ExmorHD sensor!

We received many rumors about the next Sony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony Alpha cameras but we are double checking the infos before to post them on SonyAlphaRumors. Keep following us! We are also on Facebook and Twitter!

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(SR2) Primetimecrew says that Sony is developing a 30mm f/1.8 lens and a new EVF for the NEX system.

It is the first time that I read that website so I can’t tell you how reliable their rumors are. But according to primetimecrew.wordpress.comSony is currently developing an EVF as well as a 30mm f1.8.”

We know that Sony is working on a new EVF (OLED?). But we didn’t hear anything about a 30mm prime lens.

Thanks Kris W.!

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(SR5) Firmware update for Sony Alpha cameras delayed again (because of unexpected issues)

As you know we months ago we told you that Sony was working on a new firmware update for current Sony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony AlphaSony Alpha cameras. We expect the firmware to improove the ISO-performance (The same improovement we have with the new Image Data Converter).

Months ago we received rumors (from known reliable sources) that the firmware should be released in March. Than we learned that they delayed the release until May. And now the same sources (and I repeat they are very reliable!) sent me an email saying that the release has been postponed again. All I can tell you is that “…many alphas were wrecked after loading FW 2.0Beta…“. And we have to wait for Sony to fix the problem.

Pleas Sony…fix it as soon as possible!

David Kilpatrick “predictions”

The very known Alphamount “guru” David Kilpatrick wrote down a mix of rumors-speculations:

1) “Don’t buy any current Alpha mount lenses, as the next year will see revisions to the existing designs, of that I am sure.”

2) “The Alpha 7XX (750?) will have 1080i video and exactly the same sensor as the NEX5/3. It will not have Quick View live view, but an update to MF Focus Check Live View incorporating Contrast Detect focusing exactly as in the NEX5. The optical viewfinder will be comparable to the A700, and it will have SSS.

3) “new 16-80mm with SSM and improved overall build quality.This lens will also be totally compatible with the NEX and Alpha adaptor.

4) “Two other lenses which must be revised are the 11-18mm (replaced with a 10-24mm SAM) and the 18-250mm (replaced with an 18-270mm SAM OSS). They will also replace the Sony 75-300mm with an SSM OSS 70-300mm f/4-5.6 if they stick with Tamron. And I think they will ad the 60mm f/2 Tamron macro to the Sony range as a SAM lens.”

source: Photoclubalpha

Thanks R.K. for sending the link!