(SR5) Sony press release leaked!!!!!!

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ANAHEIM, CALIF. (PMA #2220), Feb. 21, 2010 – Sony is exhibiting an array of innovative digital imaging products at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) 2010 International Convention, including a concept model of the new compact α (alpha) DSLR camera system that employs an Exmor™ APS HD CMOS sensor, which provides full AVCHD video capability.

New concept α products being shown include an ultra compact model with interchangeable lenses, additions to the α family (including a successor to the α700), along with new TX5 and H55 Cyber-shot® cameras, new printers and other accessories.

α DSLR Camera

In addition to the current DSLR-A230, A330, A380, A500, A550, A850 and A900 digital SLR cameras, the following concept camera bodies and interchangeable lenses will be exhibited. Current interchange lenses, including Carl Zeiss® and G lens products will also be on display.

* Concept model of an ultra-compact interchangeable lens digital camera system that packs the quality of a DSLR camera in an extraordinarily small body, along with interchangeable lenses
* Mid-range concept camera for advanced users (a successor to the α700) as well as concept mainstream models
* Prototype of a Super Telephoto Lens (500mm F4 G) with class-leading optical performance
* Prototype of a Distagon T 24mm F2 ZA SSM, new Carl Zeiss wide angle lens for superior shots of landscapes and sweeping vistas

source: http://news.sel.sony.com/en/press_room/consumer/digital_imaging/digital_cameras/cyber-shot/release/56463.html

(SR3) Chinese lens rumor

Be carful with that rumor. The source from a Hong Kong forum has been pretty accurate in the paste but this rumor hasn’t been confirmed by our sources:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Check our live-coverage post for latest rumors!

(Google translation)
The future will see the lens, in addition to 500mm, this may include:
18mm ultra-wide-angle
ZA large aperture ultra-wide-angle
ZA 200mm
The other one is not a ZA of 200mm

(SR4) Chinese rumors details…

Since one year we are following chinese and korean forums. Inside this forums sometimes we can find some pretty reliable rumors. We made a small summary for you about what we found (and we are continually checking for updates)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Check our live-coverage post for latest rumors!

Google translation:
Appearance near the GF-1, external electronic viewfinder
Sony has no intention to use E system to replace the entry-level model, come later will throw an entry section of the Alpha.
The E-mount to A-mount Adapter with autofocus

(SR4) Sony to show some concepts of future cameras.

A small update from our sources:
SonyAlphaRumors learned that unlike other brands Sony will make a BIG presentation on PMA (Feb 21). It is very likely that Sony will show some of the future cameras concepts. T

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Check our live-coverage post for latest rumors!

As soon as I have some real good details I will post it on SonyAlphaRumors!

P.S.: I hope it will not take to long to see that “future concepts” become real!

(SR4) UPDATED: Sony A700 successor at PMA!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Check our live-coverage post for latest rumors!

You asked it and Sony answered you! On Sunday (yeah PMA starts this Sunday!) Sony is going to announce the A700 successor. The A700 successor is a camera you can’t compare with other Alpha cameras! It is the first Sony Alpha camera which records video! And not that crappy video you have seen in other cameras. I was told that the A700 successor will outperform every other Canon-Nikon camera (like the recently announced Canon 550D/T2i.

Keep following us! We will continually update you with latest rumors and the official Sony PMA news.

UPDATE: I was told that Sony could show one more Alpha camera on PMA…