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Just released: New Camrote 1.7 update


Now available for download through the APP store. What’s new:

This update introduces a powerful new “Composer” tool which replaces the basic grids that were available in previous versions of the app. Composer allows you to build powerful compositional tools, with support for multiple* separately-styled elements and new guides to boot. The new image transform elements also allow you to apply both perspective correction* and anamorphic de-squeezing* to the live view and image previews too! As well as this you can:

– Add sub-elements (For example, apply a 2x crop and show a rule of thirds grid within the cropped area)*
– Support for re-ordering composition elements
– The ability to re-position and scale individual composition elements**
– The ability to export and import compositions*

* Requires the ‘Composer Pro’ In App Purchase, or in previous app versions of Camrote, the ‘Grids’ In App Purchase.

** Only supported with certain element types, also requires ‘Composer Pro’

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