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New Metabones firmware update for the EF-E Smart Adapter and Speed Booster



Metabones released a new firmware update for these two adapters

You cna download the firmware for Windows (Click here) and MAC (Click here).

  • Benefits and improvements:
    • Easier user interface to select between Green and Advanced mode using Metabones App, with separate settings for newer cameras and older cameras (except Mark I/II/III and original Speed Booster).
    • Fix operation of Kenko Pro300 DGX (green dot) stacked on EF Extender III.
    • Option to park focus to infinity upon shutdown to shorten its length for storage (except Mark I/II/III and original Speed Booster). Some lenses may disregard this setting but never park focus, and most of these are internal focus lenses which do not require parking. STM lenses always observe the option setting.
    • Shortened shutdown time for IS lenses.
    • Option to close down the aperture or leave it where it is when camera shuts down (except Mark I/II/III and original Speed Booster).
    • Option to let camera body decide whether OIS, IBIS or a combination thereof shall be selected (except Mark I/II/III and original Speed Booster).
    • AF accuracy improvement for subjects near infinity.
    • Fixed autocrop of Sigma 50-100/1.8 DC HSM Art 016.
    • Stability improvement.
    • Fixed issue with Tamron VC USD where autofocus may occasionally become inoperative.

via BrianSmith

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