August 21, 2010
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Is the Sony-Nikon sensor partnership dead?


Unlike the first dpreview statement it seems that Nikon didn’t use the NEX sensor for the new new D3100!

Read what Nikon-guru Thom Hogan wrote yesterday:

One curious aspect of the D3100 is the sensor. “Nikon developed” appears in the marketing materials, and the sensor is indeed not the same one as in the Sony NEX5 (as originally speculated) in several key ways, one of which is physical size, the other pixel count. The Nikon 14mp sensor has slightly more pixel count in a slightly smaller area than the Sony. Indeed, the area is no longer what I’d call DX. The D5000, D90, and D300 have a sensor area of 23.6 x 15.8 (28.4 diagonal), while the D3100 has a sensor area of 23.1 x 15.4 (27.8 diagonal). This represents a loss of about 2% in image circle coverage needed. We’re now at 1.55x crop as opposed to the old 1.52x. It’s an unusual change, but the bottom line is that the Nikon and Sony 14mp sensors are indeed different in important ways. But I’ll repeat: the proof is in the pudding. We need to test the new sensor on live subjects before making any useful pronouncements about it.

Update: I’ve now heard even more details about the D3100 sensor and from a few sources closer to Nikon Japan. It does indeed appear that Nikon has moved to producing their own sensors. They may be licensing or cooperating on some of the underlying technologies, but it appears that Nikon has decided that Nikon DSLRs will in the future have Nikon-controlled and Nikon-exclusive sensors. That they haven’t chosen to make a bigger deal of this is strange. And some parts of Nikon appear not to have gotten the memo on this, as I’ve seen quotes from Nikon personnel in some subsidiaries that say “Sony sensor.

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August 20, 2010
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Translucent vs mirrorless size comparisons (made by our readers)


The NEX-5, A33 and A390 comparison made by

Some SonyAlphaRumors reader made very nice size comparisons (many thanks!). Click on picture to enlarge.

Made by Shinkadesign

Made by Alex: Panasonic GF1 vs Samsung NX10 vs Sony A33 vs Panasonic G2 vs Olympus E-P1

MAde by RDK: Samsung NX10 vs Panasonic G2 vs Sony A33

August 20, 2010
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NEX & Leica love: The compact Leica Summicron 35mm f/2.0


Today I want to start a new SonyAlphaRumors section. As you know many manufactors are building more and more adapters for E-mount cameras. Now you can use almost every lens on your NEX! I thought it would be nice if you would share your experience with non-Sony lenses like Leica or Canon FD lenses and more. I would be happy if you send me your images taken with third party lenses and also some nice cameraporn pictures :)

There is a growing number of different Leica M-mount to E-mount adapters (just click here to check out the whole list on eBay). So let’s start with a very cute high-quality but also not to expensive lens (for Leica standards). The Leica Summicron 35mm f/2.0. I searched for image samples of that lens on a NEX cameras and I found some on Flickr here and here. Those pictures are very nice and I would love to see more of them. I also can’t wait to find a picture of that lens attached on the NEX. If you have some feel free to send me images and links at

If you want to get the lens click here to see current Summicron 35mm auctions on eBay. The lens is available in silver and black. You can also buy the Summicron directly at Amazon.

August 20, 2010
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Vitaly Kiselev (The GH1 hacker) predicts that Sony will rule the camera world in less than a year!


Mirrorlessrumors had the pleasure to meet the famous hacker Vitaly Kiselev. Vitaly is famous because he hacked the GH1 and GF1 cameras and maybe he will soon do the same with NEX cameras :)

Here are some interesting pieces of the interview:


MR: Do you think mirrorless cameras are more suitable for video than DSLR’s? Or do we still need that “bulky” optical viewfinder?
VK: We’ll see. Sony is the key player here, not Nikon or Canon. And EVF will win, of course. The Sony A55 could be a real hit. But we need to know about encoder, audio and EVF use.

MR: Are you “excited” about the new camera announcements? What do you expect from the camera makers?
VK: This year we’ll see a major camera market shakeup. As for excitement, no. It is just interesting to see smart people making good products. And I see almost no bad products in VDSLR camera market.

MR: Why shakeup? What’s coming?
VK: Sony is coming. It will supply sensors to Pentax and Nikon.Plus its logistic is much better in Japan, Asia, Russia, and maybe Europe. In Russia for each 10 Sony cameras you can find 2 Canon and 1 Nikon, and 1 Samsung. I think they’ll surprise Canon as the leader in VDSLR segment in a year. This is my prediction. 7D and 550D played a bad game with Canon. They made good cameras with very good margin without investing seriously in VDSLR and getting feedback. But lenses it key part here. I think that the next winner will be one that makes real adapters for their EVF cameras. With full autofocus and aperture control. It is not that hard. Not easy, but not that hard. Like a $50 adapter with AF and aperture control for any Canon lens. And, boom. Canon lost many-many body buyers.


Read the whole interview here:

August 19, 2010
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(SR5) A55 and A33: LCD, EVF and other specs


3 inch and 921.000 dot resolution
It has Trueblack tecnology with level gauge, focus point maginification and a gridline.

One of the main strenghts is that in the dark the EVF (electronic viewfinfer) displays better images than the OVF (optical viewfinder)
You can use the EVF in video mode (you can’t do that with an Optical viewfinder)
1.44 dots LCD (not OLED sory)
100% coverage / 0.95x magnification

Special features:
Auto HDR (3 frames combined), Multi-frame NoiseReduction in Low-Light situations (it takes 6 frames to combine them), Hand-Held Twilight, 3D sweep panorama. There is also a new automatic mode that can automatically select on of the special features above!

August 19, 2010
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Upgrading the server (you can support us). More rumors coming soon!


Dear readers!

First, let me thank you for all your help. You sent me a huge ammount of interesting news, rumors and links! Expect me to post a lot more rumors soon!
I will work 24 hours per day until the Sony announcement on August 24. Ok, let’s make 20 hours per day…. minus 3-4 hours sleep here and there :)
So keep following us…also this weekend!

There is also one more way to help me:
Because of the many visits on SonyAlphaRumors we are currently upgrading our bandwitch capacity and server database performance. It will help me to avoid slow loading pages and/or server crashes. It’s a major cost ($150-$200) for me so feel free to help me if you can and want!

There are mainly two ways to do that:
1) Use the shopping links on the top of the page (inside the camera database). If you want to buy a camera, lens, books or other stuff just start your shopping by clicking the shop name. Once you land on the relative product page you can buy whatever you want (even if it is not the product link you selected to enter the shop) and I will get a small commission from it (usually 1-4%). So if you buy a book with $10 value I will receive 0.4 cent.
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I hope we can have some exciting time together!
Many Thanks!


August 19, 2010
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(SR5) Also the Sony A560 and A580 gets leaked!


The Sony A560 is a classic DSLR (not a pellix camera) with very similar A33 features:

* 14MP sensor
* ISO range of 100-12800
* 1080i video
* 15 AF points, some of them cross-point
* 5 fps
* dual memory slots (not sure what type)
* swivel display

The Sony A580 has 16 Megapixel.

In the meanwhile the Sony A500 (Click here) and the Sony A550 (Click here) do get big discounts on amazon!

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