Mark Weir (Sony) interviewed at Imaging Resource


Sony marketing is finally giving some sign of live and they are spreading good news regarding the future of Alpha and NEX! Mark Weir has been interviewed by Imaging Resource. The interview is very long and full of interesting news. Thanks Mark for answering all questions! I am sure also SonyAlphaRumors readers will appreciate it ;)

A few interesting notes:

– NEX They are by far the number one selling mirrorless cameras in the United States…the [shoplink 4617]A580[/shoplink] and also the [shoplink 3617]A55[/shoplink] have seen demand that has exceeded just about everyone’s initial expectations
– . We’ve been acutely aware of the concern for the arrival of the A700 successor — actually, quite acutely aware, and we’re sorry that it’s taken as long as it has — but we believe that when this successor arrives, everyone will realize that it was very valuable to first develop the technologies and the capabilities that will go into the model, and to save it for those.
– With another year of development of those key devices, we believe that we’ll see a new generation of translucent mirror cameras with new capabilities
– I think it comes as no surprise that many of the models that really are attracting the attention of many enthusiast, semi-pro and even professional users these days are no longer full-frame, but rather the very, very top-end of the APS-C line-ups that are being created. ….This has led to longer life cycles for full-frame cameras
– The 500mm f/4 is coming soon


A77 will be superior to any other APS-C camera. New professional NEX coming! (Sony says)


And finally Sony gave us an explanation why it is taken so long to develop and release the A77. In an interview with dpreview they said that “we want it to be superior to its competitors, that’s why we couldn’t make it sooner,“. And about the NEX future: “so we’re planning to expand NEX in a more easy way, a lighter way, but we’ll also expand to make models that have more manual control and more DSLR-like capability.“. Sony confirms that the [shoplink 3003]NEX-3 and NEX-5[/shoplink] will be replaced soon and that the next FF camera is not coming soon.

So it sounds like our rumored roadmap could be true: Nex-4 soon, A77 by mid 2011 and NEX-7 at PMA. FF? maybe early 2012…

Read the full interview on Dpreview and feel free to share your thoughts on that on SonyAlphaRumors!


Sony will announce two advanced compacts (DSC-HX9V and DSC-HX100V)


In December we told you that Sony would release the new DSC-HX9V and DSC-HX100V cameras. But we didn’t know that Sony would announce that on february 2nd and not at the CES event! Finally we got some new info from trusted sources:

The HX9v features at 16 Megapixel Exmor R sensor, a 16x wide zoom that starts at 24mm. It records 1080p60 at 28Mbit/s, it has a very fast autofocus (0.1sec.) and 10fps.
The HX100v has the same features but a wider zoom range (30x that starts with 27mm).

The HX9v costs $350 and the Hx100 $450.

P.S: We will post new A77 and NEX rumors as soon as possible!


Sony A77 to cost like the Canon 60D and ISO will go ‘up into the hundreds of thousands’

[shoplink 5117][/shoplink]

Michael Bubolo (national DSLR trainer for Sony Alpha) told Amateur Photographer that the A77 would probably be launched this year and that it would definitely use the translucent mirror technology. Michael said the A77 will feature substantially better EVF and ISO will go ‘up into the hundreds of thousands’!!! The body itself is made with magnesium alloy and the price will be in the same area of the [shoplink 5117]Canon 60D ($900-1200. Click here to check price)[/shoplink].
Michael also said that “the specification is not finalised yet and that all details are subject to change, including the shape of the body itself.

Interesting but also frustrating that they can’t give us any release date. I guess the rumors I received saying that Sony has still some issues in working out problems with the translucent technology are correct….:(


New rumors about the 500mm f/4 lens…


According to Amateur Photographer the 500mm f/4 lens will be released at the same time of the A900 replacement. Sony is showing a lens prototype at CES which includes on-barrel control buttons. It’s very interesting to note that the lens prototype has a Direct Manual Focus (DMF) control which enables a 15x magnified view of the scene to help focusing. That feature works only for cameras that do use electronic viewfinders only! So I guess Sony will release a Full Frame camera with Translucent mirror!

The question now is…when is Sony going to announce the next FF camera? Not very soon…. :(


New 5 inch external viewing screen for Alpha and NEX from Sony


Sony announced the new CLM-V55 external LCD for Soy Alpha and NEX cameras. It has been developed for video photographers. It has selector buttons on the side of the screen to allow navigation directly from LCD. It will be in Stock in March for $399.

Pocket Lint has written a hands-on with some more useful informations (and a picture).

Photography Bay posted a few images of the future NEX lenses (those are the same mockups seen at Photokina). Reminder:

There will be 7 new lenses for the NEX series launching in 2011-2012, including:

  • a Carl Zeiss and G Series standard zoom
  • a standard macro, portrait and telephoto zoom
  • a wide angle zoom and mid telephoto

Sony A77 mockup shown again (+mid-range speedlight flash)


Sony displays the A700 successor prototype at CES along the new mid-range speedlight flash. You can see a few pictures at Photographybay. On a first look there seems to be no difference between that body and the protoype shown at the Photokina in September 2010.

Photographybay says that: “No word on the release date, but one would expect it to arrive at or around PMA 2011 in September.