(SR4) UPDATED-> new Sony HighEnd Alpha camera!


UPDATE: I’ve been really busy today so I had no time to answer your comments and to give you some more informations. Now I am back at home so feel free to ask me everything you want to know!

The Sony A950(?)

Three of our sources told us about the HighEnd model. All confirmed that it will have more than 30 megapixels and no video recording. It will also NOT be a mirrorless camera.

We also found this news from Fotoactualidad:

Bob Krist posted a secret photo of the camera. Initially people thought it is a Nikon camera but if you look closely you will notice the Zeiss lens (the 16-35mm Lens)! More about that at fotoactualidad (google english translation).

One more thing about us and our sources. Our goal is to provide very reliable “rumors”. We do not invent anything and the rumor sources we have are known since months or even years. We work very close with the 43rumors website which already has prooven to be very reliable. Just give us some time and you will see we are not completely crazy ;)

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New Sony Alpha DSLR-A500 test at pixinfo.com


The hungarian website pixinfo.com made a very good Sony A500 review. What I liked most is their ISO comparison scheme. You should really try it!

And click here to jump directly on their Dynamic Range, Stabilzations, Sharpening, Contrast and Dynamic Range test are available here test and

P.S.: Google can’t translate the website but you still can “read” pictures :)

Amazon US: Sony Alpha 500 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera (Body only) for $749
Amazon US: Sony Alpha A500 with 18-55mm Lens for $849


Japanese weekly DSLR sales rankings…


As you can see here bcnranking.jp no Sony camera made it in the top ten of the japanese weekly DSLR sales rankings. Only MicroFourThirds and the Pentax K-x are the exception in a world dominated by Canon-Nikon. If the new Sony cameras are really awesome as we hear from our sources this could change very soon… :)


(SR4) Sony new APS-C camera in March-April


In November SonyAlphaRumors told you that Sony has the plan to release a new Pellix-mirror camera. The camera is built for fast Sport-shooting (10fps) and can record videos.
We have a small update for you: In the meanwhile we were able to receive more confirmation that this camera really exists and it is going to be announced very soon (probably in March-April). We were also told that the camera is not the A700 successor. It is a completeley new type of camera.

If you have some more infos about that camera feel free to contact us at: sonyalpharumors@gmail.com


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