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Qhyccd has announced a new camera which uses the new Sony 60 Megapixel Full Frame sensor


The Chinese company Qhyccd has announced the first camera using the new Sony 60 Megapixel Full Frame sensor. This is a scientific camera but the news matters because the sensor specs were leaked here months ago. This makes it even more likely that all the leaked Sony sensors info we posted here are correct:

New XEVC 8K codec (article and detailed images here):
8k at 24fps, 12 bit and 240Mbps peak bitrate.

New Full Frame sensors:
IMX555 is a new 102MP 6K sensor (article here)
IMX435 is a new 36Mp 8K sensor (article here)
IMX551 is a new 60MP 8k sensor (article here)
IMX455 is a stripped down version of the IMX551 (article here).

APS-C sensors (article and detailed specs here):
IMX510: 32MP, 16 bit…
IMX571: 26MP, dual gain ISO, 16 bit stills

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