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RUMOR: Sony A7sIII official announcement after the EOS-R5 launch and another new Sony FF camera coming end of August


This week Sony started to show the A7sII successor to press and store owners. Like I told you before I didn’t know until today when Sony would actually make the general public announcement of the camera. Well I now have been told that Sony decided to make the PUBLIC announcement shortly AFTER the Canon EOS-R5 launch. The timeline for the public announcement is this:

– Sony A7sII successor by mid-end July
– Sony second FF camera announcement (A5?) by end of August-early September

The Canon announcement:
I have been told that the reason is that Sony wants to unveil the A7sII successor after the Canon EOS-R5 (coming on July 9) to position it appropriately with the price and marketing. If you think that’s BS and there is no way Sony would wait for the competition read these facts:

  1. History is repeating itself: Back in April Sony decided to postpone the already promoted April 20 NAB live announcement to April 30 after Canon announced it would unveil new products on April 20 too.
  2. Sony A7sII successor is already registered in Asia since April 28 (article here) and the second FF camera by end of May (article here). Nokishita also spotted the 12-24mm GM lens registration a month ago. It’s the first time in 10 years a registered High end camera and lens takes more than two months after registration to be announced!

I know you are disappointed but I am 100% sure I am right on this. As this is a rumor coming from the same sources whom correctly shared this years rumors:

May 6: ZV1 launch
February 17: Sony 20mm FE specs
February 13: Sony 20mm FE info
February 7: Sony 12-24mm GM lens rumor (lens not announced yet but Sony registered the code confirming it’s real)
February 7:
Prime lens rumor

I also have been told that first journalists and film makers already got the A7sII successor in their hands during internal meetings happened this week (there will be more meetings the next days). This is also very unusual for Sony to show them the camera one month ahead of the official announcement. And I think this time we might get some specs ahead of the announcement because of this (which would also proof that Sony indeed changed strategy in last minute).


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