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SOLID RUMOR: I saw the new APS-C E-mount camera: it is NOT named A6xxx and uses the 24MP sensor.


Image on top shows the current Sony A7c. The new APS-C camera will take many bits from it but be smaller

Recently I rumored info about this new camera model and divided the rumors between “confirmed” and “Still to be confirmed”. Among the rumors that were NOT confirmed is that it might uses a new 32MP sensor. Well this sensor rumor turned out to be wrong while the “confirmed” rumors turned out to be correct.

I now have been able to see the real camera and I am now 100% sure about what I can tell you here:

  • It uses a 24MP sensor
  • It’s not really mean as a High End model…but more as a compact VLOGGER E-mount camera
  • all usual improvement taken a bit from the A7c but in a more compact A5xxx alike shape.

What’s very clear is that it looks liek Sony wants to move the APS-C segment towards VLOGGING like they did with the RX series!

I should be able to tell you more about it soon…

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