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Surprise: Sony has no scheduled press conference at Photokina


This is the bad news: I got informed that Sony has NO(!) scheduled press conference at this years Photokina. I don’t know if there will be a last minute change on this. But Sony has not occupied any press conference “slot” available at Photokina. It might be that Sony decided that with all these Nikon-Canon-Panasonic FF mirrorless announcement it’s better to announce their new gear AFTER Photokina.

Now the hope: Two years ago Sony did announce the Sony A6500 just ten days AFTER Photokina. And maybe that’s what Sony aims for: Give all the buzz to Nikon,Canon and Panasonic at Photokina and announce the new High End APS-C camera right after to get the full spotlight?

One more thing: Still the new 24mm GM 135mm GM might be announced at photokina without an official press conference…

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