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November 6, 2015
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New Sony A7sII tests show major Black Spot issue.


You see that weird black spot on the image on top? Well, according to the new Sony A7sII that’s the Sun :(
Yes the As7II has major Black Spot issue we hope can be fixed via firmware upgrade soon. The issue has been reported by many testers:
The full-frame mirrorless monsters – Sony A7r II vs A7s II (Mirrorlessons).
Sony A7S II Review Part 1 – Major Sunspot Defect (EosHD).
sony a7sII FAIL black spot? (Nezzes on Youtube).

And here are some more A7sII tests:
The Ultimate Sony a7S II vs. a7S Test – What’s the Difference? (Cinema5D).
Sony A7S II Review After Real World Use – Tom Antos (Vimeo)
The New King of Lowlight — Sony a7SII Full-Stop Review Pt. 1 (Digital Hype on Youtube).
Sony A7Rii vs Sony A7Sii / 5 Things To Know – MichaelTheMentor (Youtube).
Deux vidéos à 409 600 ISO avec le Sony A7S II pour le prix d’une (Lesnumeriques).
Sony A7S II: primeras muestras (Quesabesde).

November 4, 2015
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Sony A7rII news: Camera for $2,699. And is it good enough for sports photography?


The grey imported (1 year US warranty) Sony A7rIi now sells for $2,699 on eBay US (Click here). And Dpreview posted an article about the A7rII use for sports photography: “Keeping up with the big boys? Shooting pro sports with the Sony a7R II”. The answer is…not yet:

Would I rely on it for a second or third body at a sporting event with money and a client on the line? No, not yet – but I’m looking forward to the day that I would. And that day might not be far off. All things considered, pro-SLR autofocus technology draws from three decades of research, whereas the a7R II is still an infant in only its second-generation of existence. Not too shabby for a sophomore effort, Sony.

Reminder: OneCall is having some cool Sony Open Box offer. All items come with regular 1 year US Sony warranty:
$200 off on the Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 FE lens (Click here).
$220 off on the Sony A7II (Click here).
$700 off on the Zeiss 24-70mm f/2.8 A-mount lens (Click here).
$160 off on the 55-210mm E-mount lens (Click here).
$60 off on the A6000 with kit lens (Click here).
$30 off on the 50mm f/1.8 lens (Click here).

November 3, 2015
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New AquaTech underwather housing for A7 cameras. New A7rII and A7sII tests.

AquaTech (info here) released a new underwater housing for both the A7/A7r/A7s and the newer A7II/A7rII/A7sII cameras. The housing will ship on December 1.

And here are some new A7rII and A7sII tests:

A quick overview of the A7II and a Leica 50mm Summilux (Jorge Torralba).
A7rII review By Adrian C. Murray.
Japanese A7rII review at Procameraman.
Sony A7s Mk II review at ThePhoBlographer.
Some helpful tips for new owners of the A7RII who have just switched over from the old style DSLR’s (Jorge Torralba).

Daniel:My a7SII + Loxia 35 arrived. Decided to make a short about my coffee brewing process to test drive along with some new grading software. I’m a former a7S user and really appreciate the enhancements in the mark II as well as the addition of the Loxia. Its a nearly flawless combo.

Joel: “I recently wrote an article about the A7R II/A7 system that I think both you and your readers will enjoy. From my perspective as a working pro, it’s about a rare “Wow!” moment when first looking at images out of the A7RII from an aerial shoot in Kauai. It sealed the deal for me and after almost 30 years of SLR/DSLRs as my main system, now it’s Sony mirrorless. Even if you don’t have time to read the article- take a look at the images! They’re all captioned.

Arty:We have shot a short halloween theme film – in case you may be interested, here is a link Shot on A7RII, Ronin m, Canon glass

November 2, 2015
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The Making Of “Exploration” (With Sony cameras!)

SAR reader Joe sent me this:

Wow wow wow! Stop what you’re doing, you got to watch this! Holy hell, this is good. The filmmaker, Ryan J Thompson, is only 22 years old, too! Incredible work, especially the VFX.
And you know what he shot it with? Sony a7S with Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 lens and the Samyang FE 50mm f1.4 lens!!

October 31, 2015
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New Sony A7sII and A7rII tests roundup!

autumn larches 4K (A7rII)
from Christian Mülhauser on Vimeo.

A7rII review by Brian Toh. from Taiwan posted comparison between Canon 5DSR, Nikon 810 and Sony A7RII.
PhaseOne has just released CaptureOne 8.3.4 which is now compatible with the uncompressed RAW file format in the a7R II
Alexandre: “I shot the candidates for the beauty pageant Miss Grand International 2015. I used my Sony A7rII, the Zeiss lens FE55mmF1.8 and the flash Sony F43M.
Iceland Show Images shot with the Alpha 7R Mark II (Mark Forman).
Alex: “I’ve just finished a short film for entry to the Sony ‘No Limits’ FS5 competition. It’s shot entirely on the A7rii with a variety of lenses (Sony, Canon, Sigma, Tamron). More info and screengrabs on my blog post here: Direct link to the video is here:

Test – Sony A7S II : gestion du bruit électronique (Focus Numerique).
Tim: “Just picked up the A7SII. Took it out and shot some footage with it. Tossed the clips into FCPX with a LUT plugin, and loaded the Osiris LUT’s to the clips. Here’s the outcome!
A7sII lowlight video (Youtube).

A7rII store list:
In USA at Amazon, BHphoto, AdoramaSonyStore US, FocusCamera, Uniquephoto.
In Europe at Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Wex UK and ParkCameras.
In Asia at Digitalrev, CameraPro.

A7sII store list:
In USA at Amazon, BHphoto, FocusCamera, Adorama.
In Europe/Asia at ParkCameras, WexUK, Jessops and Digitalrev.

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