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June 29, 2015
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One more A7000 sensor news: Fuji will use it on the X-PRO2 too!


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That’s really unexpected as I thought Fuji would keep using their X-Trans sensor. But Fujirumors now reports that the upcoming Fuji X-PRO 2 could use the same A7000 sensor! The X-PRO 2 camera release got delayed to 2016 and they speculate the reason behind this is the A7000 launch delay. Sony allows competitor to use some selected sensors six months only after the sensor gets officially used on a Sony camera.

via Fuji-X-Forum.

June 26, 2015
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Competition rumors: Canon A7 competitor, Pentax FF may uses 42MP Sony sensor.

Image of the Pentax FF prototype at CP+ (Source:

Sony is taking the full spotlight with their new cameras. But there are also some interesting rumors coming in from the competition:

Ricoh will launch a new Pentax FF DSLR camera in October. And Pentaxforums says the camera could use the new Sony 42Mp sensor from the A7rII. My personal bet is that this rumor is false. Don’t see Sony selling their brand new sensor 2 months after the A7rII is in Stock. Pentax is more likely going to use the current 36Mp Sony sensor.

There is a new FF mirrorless system camera patent from Canon (Source: MirrorlessRumors). Impossible to say when Canon will launch such a camera on the market. But for sure they will do it.

Samsung has launched the smallest 4K system camera yet (SamsungCameraRumors).

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June 25, 2015
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A7000 delay and some more info about it (via Ricoh/Nikon sources)


As you can see from the Sony October roadmap leaked by Wikileaks Sony announced all stuff  (Z4 smartphone, new 4K TV’sA7rII, RX cams). But there is one single exception: The new A6000 series camera which we think would have been named A7000. Trusted sources kept saying this was due to release sometimes in April/May but Sony had some kind of issues with the hardware of the camera.

I now got info from Ricoh and Nikon sources:
They told us that Sony developed a new sensor for the A7000. By contract that sensor could be used by other companies six months after the Sony A7000 announcement. The delay of the A7000 release also changed their product roadmap. To use the new Sony APS-C sensor with hybrid autofocus tech they will have to release their camera sometimes in 2016 instead of late 2015.

Let’ hope Sony will announce the A7000 during the next announcement session in September/October!

June 19, 2015
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UPDATED: Sigma to announces the first Full Frame f/2.0 zoom lens!


UPDATE: Sigma announced an amazing f/2.0 constant aperture Full Frame zoom lens! It’s a 24-35mm f/2 DG HSM Art Full Frame. But there is a bad news…there will be no A-mount version yet. But as it happened in the past a Sony A-mount and Pentax K-mount version are likely to be announced 6-12 months after the first Canon/Nikon/Sigma mount release.

P.S.: Their 24-105mm FF A-mount lens is still not in Stock yet :(

Images via Digicameinfo.


June 18, 2015
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New Nikon F to Sony E-mount electronic autofocus adapter coming soon!


Electronic E-mount adapters are highly requested but difficult to make. We have electronic adapter for Canon EF from Metabones (Click here) and Kipon (Click here). And also an electronic adapter for Contax from Techart (Click here).

But now we are close to get a very important new electronic adapter for Nikon F lenses! Xjirumo spotted that adapter made by an unnamed chinese company. It’s said that the adapter is almost ready for production. This really would be a BIG good news for all those Nikon lens owners that want to use their lenses with full autofocus and electronic aperture control on the Sony E-mount cameras! And in particular those of you who preordered the new Sony A7rII can epxect the autofocus performance to be “decent” thanks to the hybrid AF system! I hope to get some more info about the adapter soon.

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