June 4, 2011
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New patent discloses a new Sony 50mm f/1.2 and f/1.4 fast lens!

The Japanese blog Egami found a new Sony patent that describes the characteristics for two new standard lenses. A new 50mm f/1.2 and a new 50mm f/1.4 fullframe lens. Those are the specs:

  • Patent Publication No. 2011-107450
    • Published 2011.6.2
    • Filled 2009.11.18
  • Embodiment 1
    • Focal distance f=49.98mm
    • Fno=1.442
    • Half angle of view 23.73 deg.
    • Asph. 1
  • Embodiment 2
    • Focal distance f=51.54mm
    • Fno=1.443
    • Half angle of view 23.17 deg.
    • Asph. 0
  • Embodiment 4
    • Focal distance f=51.55mm
    • Fno=1.233
    • Half angle of view 23.02 deg.
    • Asph. 1

I guess that those would be welcomed updated of the current 50mm f/1.4 from Sony. Check the specs and price of that lens by clicking those direct links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay. A new and well praised alternative is the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 which you can get at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay.

June 3, 2011
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(SR4) SURPRISE!!!! A77 is not the only translucent camera to be announced in July???

No announcement today? It doesn’t matter because I just got an even better “rumor” from a veeeeeery good source. He told me that Sony will not only launch the A35 next Wednesday and the A77 in July. There will be one more translucent camera to come!!! I am trying to get some more info about that. That’s a huge surprise!

The same source told me the A35 will replace the current A290/A390 cameras and become the new entry level DSLR camera from Sony. P.S.: The A35 price with 18-55mm kit lens will be around $699 (to high for an entry level camera?).

I am trying to get more info about the third SLT cameras. I am glad that I could at least give you one small good news after telling you about the announcement delay of the NEX-C3 and A35 :)

Links to the A290: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay
Links to the A390: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, J&R, eBay


Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

June 2, 2011
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(SR5) HUGE rumor correction!!! A35 and NEX-C3 announcement on June 8th. Not on June 3rd!

Sorry guys! The A35 and NEX-C3 will be announced next week on Wednesday June 8th!!!

UPDATE: It sounds like there was a miscommunication between dealers and Sony. I have been told that one huge Sony dealer in UK had already NEX-C3 advertising displayed inside the store. He had to remove them :)

Really sorry for that, but I don’t know yet why that miscommunication happened. My two cent guess on that is that after the April delays caused by the Tsunami desaster the announcement roadmap had been quickly rescheduled and that might caused a comunication mistake. During the last couple of hours many sources contact me to tell me that June 8th is the definitive announcement date. So don’t worry, the new stuff is coming for real!

June 2, 2011
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(SR5) Back of the NEX-C3

As you know tomorrow Sony will announce the NEX-C3 and A35 cameras. As usual I will keep you updated with links to press release, reviews, image samples adn so on. If you find some last minute leak or if you find news/reviews you can help me by sending the links to them. Thanks!

P.S.: There is not much to explain on the image above.

June 1, 2011
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(SR3) Sony 500mm f/4 lens delayed? Question to sources: Some news about the NEX-7?

Today a source told me the Sony 500mm f/4.0 lens which was supposed to be announced on July 7 will be probably delayed…AGAIN! I don’t know the reason for that. It could depend from the recent power shortage problems and maybe other lenses will be prioritized. Don’t know :(

One more thing: While I got so many confirmations about the imminent A77 release I didn’t get any confirmation about the NEX-7 announcement. The last info I got over one month ago was that the NEX-7 will be announced along the A77. But since than I didn’t receive anything. Some of my sources may help me to figure out if something changed? Thanks!

For our readers: Be sure to be online on Friday Morning. Sony will announce the new A35 and NEX-C3 cameras. I don’t know the exact time but should be sometime between 7:00 and 9:00 (London time). You can join me on Facebook as I am often there to answer your questions. And on Twitter too of course!


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