Again, the new FF RX is not a replacement for the current RX1.

[shoplink 18872 ebay]

[/shoplink] I read some comment and got some mails with questions about the new RX FF pocket camera. Once again I want to make it clear that the RX1 is not going to be replaced. What’s coming by end of August is a “variation” of the RX1 and will certainly not replace it. I am still working on the specs but I think the new RX may be even a tiny bit more expensive than the current RX1. If you want the RX1 you have no reason to wait unless of course you have four months time to wait until you can get the new RX (In October-November).

The best price you can find in Europe is at [shoplink 18872 ebay]Photodirekt UK (2566 Euro, shipd to all Europe and no tax to pay)[/shoplink]. In USA you can buy it for the normal price at Amazon US (Click here) and get 4% back as reward!


First time in Stock: Rokinon 24mm TS lens for A-mount and the HX50.


The brand new Rokinon Tilt-Shift 24mm f/3.5 ED AS UMC Lens for Sony Alpha is in Stock for the first tiem at BHphoto (Click here). And also the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX50V is in Stock for the first time at BHphoto (Click here).

And both Amazon and BHphoto are offering a 4% Reward on a very long list of cameras and lenses. You can see the Amazon list here and the BHphoto list here. Here are some examples of the Reward you get:
$111 on the RX1 at Amazon or BHphoto.
$111 on the A99 at Amazon or BHphoto.
$36 on the A77 at Amazon or BHphoto.

One more new deals:
$50 off on the A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter at Amazon (Click here).


Sony TidBits…


Sony HX50V vs NEX-3N

The State of the Mirrorless Camera Industry – May 2013 by AdmiringLight.
Sony Alpha 58 review by Photoclubalpha.
Sony NEX-3N CSC Review at ePhotozine.
The Old Minolta 35 mm F/1.4 tested at Gubsphotologue.
Speed Booster vs. Les Turbo test using Makro Planar 50/2 at Dpreview Forum.
Super sensible sensor made of graphene at Mashable.
Sony NEX and HDR at Hdrone.

Anonymous:A friend bought a Sony RX100 a month ago in a Sony store in San Diego and after two weeks using it, a problem showed up. The camera started to randomly turn itself on, showing the last shot taken on the LCD but without actually extending the lens. That happens with the camera in or out of its storage pouch, leading to to a total battery drain if not noticed and turned off! I did a quick research on the internet and found that this problem has been reported in some Forums ( including Sony’s ). Please check:
I’m sending you this because it seems Sony has not officially acknowledged the issue and it may be a good opportunity for them to improve customer credibility by either issuing a Firmware fixing the problem ( if that’s feasible ) or ultimately performing a recall!
One can always dream.

Cezar: “Hello Andrea, i’ve been using my nex-7 with the zeiss 24 and the sony 50 1.8 for more than a year now. i just want to say that the nex-7 coupled with some really good glass is simply a gem for me. Here’s a link to my work (all photos shot with the nex-7): P.S: also a new review on the touit line-up i just found (it’s in romanian but still good for samples)

Galen:Sharing some photos taken with the a99 with the Sony Zeiss 135mm and 24-70mm. Absolutely loving the lenses as well as the dynamic range and accuracy of the a99. Such a pleasure to take photos with.

Eddy: “last week I received the 70-400 G II, just in time for an interesting event: a re-enactment of a battle in 1447. I have posted a selection on dyxum: The full set of pictures is posted on my photo blog: And I have to say the 70-400 G II performed very well on my A900. Excellent sharpness and contrast. Really nice stuff.”


Canon 6D Full Frame price drops down to $1499. How can Sony compete against this?


[shoplink 18862 ebay]

The Canon deal at DealsRunner.

The incredible Full Frame price war between Canon and Nikon reached a new level with the Canon 6D now selling for $1499(!) at [shoplink 18862 ebay]eBay US (Click here)[/shoplink]. This really sets two problems for Sony:
1) High End APS-C cameras will be hard to sell if you can get a Full Frame for the same price
2) Sony has no FF camera that can compete in that price segment.

What should Sony do?

I am certainly not an expert but my instinct tells me that Sony has little to gain and a lot to loose by entering a possible cheap FF camera war. Canon and Nikon sell in much higher numbers and can afford to sell the cameras with almost no profit. Sony should rather focus on developing key technologies that can create a quality gap between their cameras and those offered by Canon and Nikon. I hope this will happen with the new A-mount cameras to be released in 2014!

All today new hot camera and lens deals can be seen at


Please report all Sony deals at


Click on image to see a large size version.

Many SAR readers daily send me mails with links to Sony deals. As you can imagine it’s impossible for me to post them all and sometimes by the time I read the mail the deal has already expired. So we rumor site owners came up with an idea. We created a tool ( where you can directly submit the Deals and they will be instantaneously be displayed on the right sidebar of this website. This will help all SAR readers to have quick access on all deals! On you can also vote the best deals so that the most interesting stuff can remain on top of the list. You can filter your category and searches and get notified when a new deal has been submitted. That way you will never miss a Great Sony Deal!

Just register at DealsRunner now (Click here). You can also register with a one click facebook or twitter connection! And try to submit a cool Sony deal. You will see it on the SAR sidebar 1 minute after :)

Thanks guys for testing it! Any feedback is welcome! And don’t forget to vote the hottest Sony deals!

P.S.: Here is a quick hot to in images (Click on it to see a large size version)



(SR5) Also a new RX FF coming soon (in late August?)



The probably most praised Sony camera is the [shoplink 15824 ebay]Sony RX1[/shoplink] (praised even by Canonikans!). And you know what? There will be a new “variation” coming soon. Not a successor, but simply a new RX model! I am working on the specs of the camera right now and I hope to get some more info from trusted sources. I also don’t know when the camera will be announced but everything hints on a possible late August release.

In short: A new RX100 MKII is coming in late June. A new RX FF camera likely in late August. New NEX cameras and lenses coming in late August too!


Message to one anonymous source: Got your message. thanks ;)

RX1 links roundup:
RX1 at [shopcountry 15824].
RX1 Gariz accessories:
1) They made a new half leather case in Black and Brown ([shoplink 16437 ebay]Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]).
2) The new lens cap ([shoplink 16439 ebay]Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]).
3) The new entry is the anti loose button(!) ([shoplink 16438 ebay]Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]). Don’t know if that will be really useful for you RX1 owners. Someone has it and call it how it works? Thanks!
4) And this is the really first time I see that. A special Leather skin hood! ([shoplink 16441 ebay]Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]).


New Zeiss Touit 12mm review. Lenses now in Stock in Germany and UK.


The new Touit video you see on top of this post has been posted by Zeiss. And Photographyblog (Click here) tested the Distagon 12mm lens on the Sony NEX and the lens gets “highly recommended”.

And finally the lens is in Stock in Europe:
the 12mm at FotoMundus DE (Click here), [shoplink 18829 ebay]CameraCentre UK (Click here)[/shoplink].
the 32mm on Amazon DE (Click here), [shoplink 18826 ebay]eBay Germany (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 18827 ebay]eBay UK (Click here)[/shoplink], [shoplink 18828 ebay]CameraCentre UK (Click here)[/shoplink],