Will early NEX-7 preorders shipping without delay?


There could be a good news for some of our future [shoplink 8454]Sony NEX-7[/shoplink] owners. Two of our readers sent me a message they received from Sony:

Hello Mr. XXXX
Thank you for your recent Sony purchase.
We would like to inform you we are experiencing a delay with your Sony order. The following item NEX7K/B has been rescheduled to ship on 11/11/2011.
Tracking information will be sent via email once your order ships. This number will also be available within the order history in your Sony Account. If you are unable to continue waiting we encourage you to visit our website or call 1-866-337-7669 to work with a Sony sales representative to find an alternative product that will meet your needs.
We appreciate your understanding and thank you for choosing Sony!
Sony Customer Care

It sounds like Sony already produced some stocks of [shoplink 8454]Sony NEX-7[/shoplink] cameras and customers that preordered the cameras in the very first days after the announcement may will get the camera in time!

P.S.: NEX-7 preorder links [shopcountry 8454].



Sony A65 and A77 bundle in Stock at Amazon (A77 and A65 in Stock in Europe!).


After the Sony NEX-5n finally also the A65 is in Stock worldwide. The last country to have them in Stock are the USA: You can now get the A65 body only at Amazon (Click here) and the A65 with kit lens again at Amazon (Click here).

UPDATE: The A77 bundle (Click here) will be in Stock on October 31!

In Europe you can find the A65 at Sony UK, Amazon UK, Jessops, Warehouseexpress, Sony DE, Amazon.de Sony NL, Sony SE, Sony CH (Click on store name to visit the product page).
And in Asia at Digitalrev, Amazon.jp, eBay

What about the A77? It is in Stock in many european and asian countries:
In Europe at Sony.fr, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Sony.de, Sony.nlSony.se, Jessops, Sony UK, Amazon.co.uk, Warehouseexpress,
And in Asia at Digitalrev and Amazon.jp


(SR4) Sony 500mm f/4.0 and other new A-mount lenses coming with the next A9x in Spring. POLL suggestions.


Finally the new Sony 500mm f/4.0 lens will be announced in Spring the same day of the A9x announcement. That’s what our trusted sources reported to us. And they are also “sure” that there will be other new A-mount lenses. I have no 100% reliable details about the “other” lenses but I am working on it right now so let’s hope I can post something about these lenses soon. Early this year I told you that there would be 4-5 new full frame lenses. But the Japanese Tsunami disaster changed the roadmap. Plus, Sony decided to wait until the new A9x release to announce the new lenses.

The main features of the 500mm lens are already known because Sony unveiled them a year ago:
1) The lens will have a Direct Manual Focus (DMF) control. When you press the DMF button you will get a 15x magnified view of the scene. It works only with cameras with electronic viewfinders!
2) There is also a control panel on the ens with on-of AF confirmation bleep.
3) dual focus distance limiters (standard choice between a full range and a limited range of 0.6m to infinity)

P:S.: Should we do a new poll to check what kind of new full frame lenses you want? Any suggestions?

All new Sony cameras and lenses links:
A77 at [shopcountry 8461] A65 at [shopcountry 8459].
Sony NEX-7 [shopcountry 8454].
Sony NEX-5n [shopcountry 8452].
Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 [shopcountry 8450].
Sony 50mm f/1.8 [shopcountry 8448].
Sony 55-210mm [shopcountry 8444].
NEX-5n viewfinder [shopcountry 9110].

Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!



Sony NEX-7 review by Steve Huff (and 100 Euro price drop at Sony France!?!?)


Sony Nex-7 HD Video Samples – AZ State Fair 2011 (Steve Huff).

Steve Huff (Click here) posted his full NEX-7 review. It is a very long, detailed and personal view on the NEX-7. There is a lot to read, analyze and see. And I couldn’t agree more with Steve when he says: “all in all, this is a killer camera system and the NEX line has now matured into a camera that most of us have been asking for over the past 2-3 years. This will be a big one for Sony. Mark my words!“. The NEX-7 is indeed the hottest camera announced this year. Let’s hope the Thai flood will not delay the release for a very long time. George Boyd, a spokesman for Sony, told the BBC: “However, we are taking measures to move production to our third factory in Thailand which is operational and also to other sites“.

A couple of more NEX-7 related news:
Focus Numerique (Click here) posted a NEX-7 image gallery. New NEX-7 Photocomment poadcast (Click here). One more thing: For unkown reasons we noticed a huge price drop on the NEX-7 at Sony France (Click here). -100 Euro!!! A bit weird if you think that it is not even in Stock!

The NEX-7 can be preordered at [shopcountry 8454]. ALong that two amazing new NEX lenses, the 50mm f/1.8 at [shopcountry 8448] and the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 at [shopcountry 8450].


First pictures of the submerged Sony thai factories! Four months production stop?


This is the very first picture of the flood that hit the Sony factory in Thailand (Source: Bangkokpost). And the mayor of the Bankadi municipality said that: “It will take about a month for the floodwaters to recede and then at least three months to rehabilitate the park“. Sony didn’t officially release a statement about the current situation in Thailand. What I heard from my sources is that the [shoplink 8454]Sony NEX-7[/shoplink] production will be moved to other factories. But also that will not be a quick process.

P.S.: You can read some general details about the Sony factory at Wesleynet.



Something else: The Sony 18mm-252mm T/3.8 lens for the F3.


While we are still waiting for our new A-mount lenses Sony made a new PL-mount lens with terrific specs! It is a 14x High power zoom for high-end production!
“The SCL-Z18X140 is a new zoom lens for the PMW-F3 Super 35mm CineAlta compact camcorder. It is a 14x high-power zoom lens from 18mm-252mm at T3.8 (Wide). The SCL-Z18X140 has been specifically designed to fit to the PMW-F3 via the camcorder’s own FZ mount, expanding the operational flexibility of the PMW-F3 so it can be used for almost any application. The SCL-Z18X140 is the first zoom lens which you can operate with the zoom rocker of the [shoplink 9726 ebay]PMW-F3[/shoplink].”
Now, I want to see that kind of professional approach on future A-mount cameras and lenses too! Can’t wait to here more about the upcoming A9x!


Sony TidBits (NEX-7 control overview video)


[shoplink 8454]Sony NEX-7[/shoplink] control overview by Steve Huff

Sony Alpha A35 review at ePhotozine (Click here): “Image quality is excellent, and the camera feels great, working as expected with a good number of controls and buttons giving quick access to settings“. The camera gets higly recommended!

35mm versus Arri Alexa, Red MX, EOS 1D und Sony F3 at Johnbrawley.

Sony NEX-C3 review at T3 (Click here): “The NEX-C3 is a very capable camera for anyone trading up from a pocket point and shoot, wanting better pictures and who is not put off by the rather utilitarian body design and the (by comparison) overly large kit zoom threaded onto the front. Though more refinement than revolution, this is a camera that is easy to admire with its steely competency“.

SLR Magic + Sony NEX 5 review at digital-photography-school.

Sony NEX-C3: análisis (Quesbesde).

Arca-Swiss Announces Their “NEX Kit” (Echenique).

Sony World Photography Awards 2012 Honorary Jury Announced (Photoxels).